A Dance 'Round the Memory Tree [w/ happy update]

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_________Sqish's Diary________

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Deer Featured:

Esll, Vala, whoever was the deer in the gold swirly pelt who danced with Sqish, and whoever it was in the red pelt, butterfly antlers, and Secretary mask, the Giant Bunny, and everyone at the dance party with the Giant Bunny

I opened my eyes again today. I wasn't expecting it, really. The dreams of my long slumber muddled together in my head, but I could remember a pleasant feeling. I think I dreamed about Echo.

My legs were stiff and tired from being so unused, but the feeling quickly returned to them as I began to re-explore the forest. It seemed a little more alive then I remembered, and there was a new place, as well. Unless I simply forgot it was there... but I'm certain I haven't become that forgetful. I drank the water there, and it changed me into an animal. It must have something to do with the mushroom circle around it. Perhaps they have contaminated the water, and it was simply a delusion... It was fun whatever it was.

I set aside my fear and played with a few younger deer.
Their pictos escape my memory, but their faces I could remember from long ago. There was one dressed in the swirling gold pelt, who kindly helped me guard the bridge in Quamar's absence, and another in the red pelt, butterfly antlers, and... well, I call it the "Walter mask," but I think it's goes with the Secretary set. Thank you for trying to help me get my set back, even though there was no need. I wish I knew your names.

After paying my respects to Run, I wandered to my favorite spot in the ruins and laid down for a nice long nap (not that I really needed one). When I cracked my eyes hours later, to my surprise and delight, I found my much beloved friend Esll sleeping in front of me. I leaped to my feet, ready to almost cry with happiness at finally seeing him again. But fate is cruel, because he faded away before I could even utter a greeting to my much missed companion. After the shock wore off, I paced around his sleeping place quietly waiting for him to return to me. My bellows proved to be fruitless, though. I had missed my chance, and I hate myself for it.

I can't quite remember, but I think Vala came and visited me at some point. Thank you for the little party we had, it helped cheer me up a little. I would have run off to follow you, but I didn't want to leave my place. Esll might return, and I can't stand to miss him again. I think I will start sleeping here every night. I will not leave until I see him one last time.

Part Two: Here Comes The Sun______________________

He came back. I have never been happier in my life. He came back. I fell asleep beside the last place I saw him, and he came back. I heard him bellowing to me while I slept, but when I opened my eyes this time, I got to say hello. And I got to do so much more.

We played, we ran, we just... walked. He explored the new place with me, and together we witnessed a few acts of the gods. I liked the rainbow the best, but the lightning strikes were frightening. Once the second one struck so close to us, we decided it was best to be moving on.

We were in for a huge surprise, though, when we saw the giant rabbit. We certainly weren't the only ones who saw him! A nice little dance party started, and we were even joined by a miniature bunny. I couldn't tell who many of the deer were, their pictos were blurry to me
[aka: my computer screwed them up] , but I enjoyed their company very much. This is the Forest I loved when I was younger. I'm so glad to have gotten to experience again.

After the fun, we simply walked together to the pond. Our antlers clacking together lightly, we strode into the water (well, I jumped because I got a little excited, but Esll was a little more graceful). After a few long drinks, I had to say goodbye to him. I didn't want to, because I was so afraid of never seeing him again. But I knew it was time for me to rest. We nuzzled each other, making sure not to forget each other. I will see you again, my dearest Esll. I promise.