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My personal observations and deductions about The Endless Forest. All of my Characters and Personas operate within these axioms, though I recognize that not all individuals do.

a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
synonyms: accepted truth, general truth, etc.

  1. The Endless Forest is a dimension independent from Earth or any other established dimension.
  2. It is possible for inhabitants of the Forest to freely travel between the Forest and other dimensions through various means; generally inter-dimensional travel involves a Portal.
  3. The Forest’s cycle of day and night, the nature of space-time, and other fundamental aspects of its functions vary significantly from those of Earth.
  4. The Forest is governed by either Magic which embodies itself in the Twin Gods but also operates outside of those manifestations, or the Twin Gods which are the source of all Forest Magic; either way, Forest Magic and the Twin Gods are indivisible—this is supported by the gods’ use of Forest Magic on a regular basis.
  5. Other “branches” of Magic have either “split off” from the Forest Magic associated with the Twin Gods (such as the Magic used to “glitch”), or have come about independently.
  6. Forest Magic is without limitation and affects the denizens of the Forest on a daily basis in even the most basic of ways.
  7. Virtually all “inexplicable” (in terms of Earth rules) events and activities are the result of Forest Magic or variations of it.
  8. Beings exist in the Forest which are capable of magic and other incredible feats, but have no ties to the Forest’s Magic; however, beings which do have ties to Forest Magic may still perform extraordinary acts without utilizing Magic.
  9. Forest Magic may have roots in the previous (or current) human inhabitation revolving around Pagan and Christian mythologies, may have emerged separately, or may have existed alongside them—this last possibility is supported by the strange nature of the Crying Idol and the Pond.
  10. Of the Magic in the Forest, the nature of the Pond and the Crying Idol may differ from the Magic associated with the Twin Gods. This is evidenced by three main facts: the Pond can be used to remove all Enchantments instantaneously; one acquires the Crying Idol Pelt without aid; the Crying Idol Pelt grants the wearer immunity to Forest Magic. It is possible that this is evidence that the Pond and Crying Idol—which is associated with Paganism, as the Crying Idol bears the same countenance as the Pagan Statues at the Ruins which directly conflicted with soul conversion to Christianity—and perhaps Paganism as a whole somehow conflicts with Forest Magic, and thus, the Twin Gods. The fact that the Crying Idol Pelt can override Pelt Enchantments gained through Forest Magic, but not the inverse, may also be pertinent.
  11. The Forest has a group of “native” animals—TEF deer—which resemble deer with human faces, originally consisted exclusively of stags, and were/are potentially immortal.
  12. The aforementioned religious groups may have come into a conflict or catalyzed an event which spurred the creation of TEF deer, or may have somehow become the TEF deer themselves.
  13. TEF deer bodies can vary in terms of apparent species origin, and their faces are highly divergent—ranging from virtually human with a full head of hair, to broad faces with wide-set eyes which are somewhat “in between” human and cervine and have only fur and/or patches of bare skin; the latter of these facial structures is perhaps a more “ancestral” characteristic of TEF deer, reaching back to their origins.
  14. TEF deer—and other denizens, by proxy—have developed their own highly complex cultures which are, at times, directly comparable to the cultures of humans.
  15. TEF deer are the most innately linked with Magic and its use of all Forest denizens, evidenced by their inborn knowledge of its possession and use in comparison to other Forest-dwellers.
  16. TEF deer utilize Magic mostly through the casting of Enchantment Spells, which affect the Antlers, Mask/face, Pelt, and apparent species of the one receiving the Spell. These Enchantments vary significantly from what is considered typical of Earth deer, and relation to TEF deer may be indicated not only by the presence of a human face, but any combination of these Magic-influenced traits being innate rather than cast, and thus irremovable.
  17. Non-TEF deer may still exhibit TEF deer traits—these deer are “TEF deer influenced,” perhaps due to genetic ancestry to TEF deer.
  18. Non-sentient beings can be given sentience—varying from slightly above average for their kind to human level cognisance, or beyond—by Magic. These beings have an overwhelming tendency toward being cervine in origin, but may be other species.
  19. Most beings which choose to embrace Magic can freely use it to cast Spells and for other purposes, though embracing Magic does not guarantee one will be able to wield it.
  20. There is a “learning curve” with Magic and its use, as the young cannot retain Enchantment Spells for prolonged periods of time without the Twin Gods’ intervention; for this reason, it’s possible that casting Spells is easier than receiving and retaining them. Because miniature TEF deer cannot sneeze off Pelt Enchantment Spells, and thus display a more limited proficiency with Magic, it is possible that Magical Proficiency is somehow linked with size. Evidence of this can be found in the Twin Gods, as when they manifest as deer, they are generally larger than the average TEF Deer.
  21. Magic can be harmful—even lethal—to certain denizens of the Forest for various reasons.
  22. Likewise, Magic can be used to heal or otherwise aide Forest denizens.
  23. The nature of Magic and how it interacts with an inhabitant of the Forest does not necessarily mean anything significant.


"Out of Character;" self-representation.

Name: Hum.

Sex/Gender: None/agender. It/its or they/them.

Species: Old World Unicorn.

The easiest way to summarize Hum is to say that it is me, transposed into another representative form of my choosing. That said, it can be not only what I am, but what I wish to be: I use Hum as a way to live vicariously, to experience and do things that I cannot in my corporeal form. Due to this, Hum is really a “self-insert,” and is not strictly done artfully. We are often passive and act more as an observer than a participant. In The Endless Forest, we tend to temper our own potential and habits to avoid the backlash, but we remain just as capable as we are anywhere else. Hum's status as a god is due to my own Spiritual views—in short, we perceive all beings as gods in different incarnations, and all things as being connected yet divergent: a vast canopy of diverse leaves all growing from one tree, connected by branches. There is nothing we love more than to associate with those who I personally cannot; as a result, I love to meet both OOCs and OCs, and have since given up on tempering myself with the embarrassment I ought to feel for vicariously interacting with a character as a unicorn god, though I’m very much aware of how ridiculous I am.


"Original Character."


Title: [The] Stone Balancer.

Sex: Male. Hart.

Age: 16. [Equivalent 68/80.]

Species: Manipur Eld’s Deer/Sangai.

He was created off of the singular concept of a deer which practices the art of stone-balancing. Spontaneously, as if he had simply been waiting for the opportunity, a personality immediately followed, and he was made. He has unfortunately since strayed from the seed of his origin, but such is the way of character development. Though old, he is still very much capable; he is simply prone to lethargic bouts unless there is some outside force to motivate him. He is quite feral by nature, but has also embraced some more human traits as well, having gained human-level intelligence due to Forest Magic. His resentment of the Forest Magic as a whole is a driving force in his personality and distaste for certain Forest denizens. The vast majority of his time is spent skirting about the Forest, doing his best to avoid danger and dispute, and otherwise being a deer in what may not be exactly a deer’s world.


These are characters which I believe are not developed enough to be counted as characters. They are a range of things varying from singular concepts which I thought would be interesting to introduce to the Forest, to beings who would be OCs if they possessed the capacity for dynamic development.

Title: Static Deer.

Classification: Inter-dimensional doorway.

This being appears as a deer, something close to a white-tailed deer in body but slightly thinner, granting its legs the appearance of extra length. It has no antlers, but it is difficult to discern the portrayed sex. Though indeed a being, it is not of the third dimension, though it is constantly perceived by beings on the third dimension. It very rarely interacts with its 3D environment, possibly because it is unaware of it, or because it has gotten used to a certain set of reactions and no longer has the desire to interact. To better understand this being visually, perceiving it would not be unlike watching the shadow of a three-dimensional being in motion cast upon a two-dimensional surface—when viewed from the side, it would be at its largest, and would gradually shrink if it turned toward or away from the viewer, reflecting its form moving from a side-view to a frontal view. Perhaps most importantly, it is a portal; the static which composes its form is constantly flickering and produces white noise, and both the audible and visible effects become clearer as one draws nearer. When one attempts to make contact with Static Deer, they discover that it is intangible, and is in fact a “hole” in the third dimension—when one reaches into it, they do not emerge through the other side, but rather enter the space within it which seems to be a great void with static as a backdrop. This realm to which Static Deer is a portal is, in a way, without time. To fall in entirely would result in a being becoming entirely suspended, the exit—in the shape they last viewed Static Deer to present itself as, only this time a portal to outside—would fall away from them at great speed, and they would constantly be subjected to a feeling of velocity without direction. They would remain in precisely the same state they’d fallen in as, the same degree of hunger and thirst and age, with only the capacity to think and move their body. Even thought is thankfully slowed, though not entirely stopped. Though not harmful necessarily, this is not an ideal way to be. Static Deer does not seek to bring others to this place, or to take them out. It is a doorway—the doorway does not choose or care who enters or who exits. It simply is.

Name: Raoul.

Title: Important Business Stag.

Sex: Male. Bull.

Age: 47/80.

Species: Roosevelt Elk. TEF Deer Influenced—black and white pelt similar to a suit or tuxedo in pattern.

Though not much larger than average for his species, this bull carries with him the intimidating air of a stern father, or even a judge. Despite his formidable presence, he is a rational being, virtually always abstaining from any physical confrontation. On the contrary, he grounds himself in the logical and rational, virtually never raising his voice or acting in a manner unfair to anyone. He may butt in from time to time and even separate others in the middle of bickering—not unlike an adult pulling apart quarreling children—but it is always in an attempt to come to some civilized conclusion wherein both parties may come to agreement. His coat is starkly contrasting with areas of white and black reminiscent of a prim tuxedo, and his hooves are polished to a shine. His voice is a deep and resounding bass: sultry but rarely varied from its somewhat withdrawn intonation characterized through his intellectual pursuits.

Name: Shari.

Title: Boat Tour Guide Doe.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 30/80.

Species: TEF Deer—furry human-faced, without hair. European/Western Roe Deer build.

Perhaps the most energetic adult deer one will ever meet, this doe spends her time entertaining others. She is never seen in anything less ornate than a vest and cap (and often is far more decorated), even during her off-days, which are few and far between. Given her small stature, she found it her business to do things larger deer could not from an early age. Through the help of others, she has found herself in possession of a rather complicated raft and pulley system rigged along the Pond and stream, the likes of which she uses to offer boat tours—complete with dinner and a show. Though the raft can only carry so much weight, she does not cater exclusively to deer of small stature. Those too large to ride the raft will still get the full entertainment and meal portions, from the shoreline. She accepts payment in special trinkets and techniques she can use to improve/enhance the experience in the future, though she’ll offer her services free of charge, especially to those who look to be in need of something fun. Her nature is that of something between a carnival barker and airline stewardess, and she dedicates her life to the happiness of others.

Title: An "Untalented" Magician.

Sex: Male. Buck.

Age: 20/80.

Species: Indian Hog Deer.

This young buck has always been fascinated with Magic, and not only the Magic innate to the Forest. Though he loves enchantment spells, the Twin Gods, and all the Magic shared by most denizens of the Forest, he finds himself attracted to any form of it—illusion or reality—be it designed to entertain or serve some other purpose. He’s devoted all his time to learning Magic of any variety, and makes a show of it with some stage tricks he’s picked up. However, despite his passion for Magic, it does not come naturally to him. Simple parlor tricks like the cups and ball routine can become mayhem when he attempts them—though very rarely with any serious consequences. It simply seems that this buck has his work cut out for him, as he’s more than a little clumsy and inattentive. Despite this, he determinedly sticks to it, certain that if he tries his hardest, one day, he might learn all Magic. To demonstrate his dedication (and because he thinks it’s cool), he wears a wizard’s cap and cape (fastened with a scintillating gem which constantly reflects all colours within its magical core), and sometimes body paint for more special Magic studies—when he can get the help.

Title: Creator (Breaker of the Fourth Wall).

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 23/80.

Species: TEF Deer—human-faced, with hair. Black-tailed Deer build.

Though perhaps not from Earth specifically, this deer was not always a deer. In fact, she heralds from a place far different than the Forest, brought here only through its Magic. Though here, she’s aware of its true nature: that it is a game, and that every being within it is either a fictional creation, or a creator of such beings. She goes around the forest evaluating the characters and their creators for their designs and personalities, though most often keeps her evaluations to herself. Her face appears to be Caucasian in origin, with human-toned skin, blue-green eyes, abundant facial freckles, and blonde hair (in a typical human growing pattern).

Title: Extroverted Speech Impediment Stag.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 27/80.

Species: Sri Lankan Sambar Deer.

A spirited stag with an almost crippling lisp and occasional stutter, though with no other physical weaknesses or deformities. He is on the larger side of average for a Sambar, fully capable of taking care of himself and without the slightest hint of shyness. Brave and sociable, he’s happy to take initiative in going about making new acquaintances with anyone. In fact, he even embraces his speech disorders as an inherent part of himself, cherishing that aspect as much as anything else that is uniquely his own. Even with his lisp and stuttering, he’s an exceedingly charming—even dashing—stag. Always the gentleman, his favourite company is that of females; however, he’s more than happy to be around virtually anyone, even those who aren’t precisely kind or welcoming. His self-confidence is absolutely unshakable, but in no way prideful or haughty.

Title: Mixed-Species Wanna-Be.

Sex: Female, but difficult to discern. Hardly more than a fawn, not yet truly a doe.

Age: 17/80.

Species: Chinese Water Deer. (Thinks she’s part Malayan Peacock-Pheasant.)

Set: Magpie Feather Antlers. Peacock Mask. Peacock Pelt.

She wears a mask which looks like the face of a pheasant. Having found this at a very young age, it most likely contributed to her current concept of herself. She is a mutant (due to high testosterone levels), having larger canines than most females. These are not visible with her mask, but have contributed to her gender ambiguity. Rather than viewing herself as the deer she is, she’s been influenced by the unusual chimeras around the Forest—odd conglomerations of many species not usually considered related. She views herself as partially deer, and partially bird: specifically, a Malayan Peacock-Pheasant, which she learned is the species which her mask was carved to represent. Entirely immersed in her illusion, she goes through rituals—some not necessarily savory by Forest standards—to hold up her disguise, or as she sees it, her identity. Far beyond pretending, she’s reached a concerning level of self-deception, so entirely convinced that even her efforts to keep up appearances have become routines for other purposes in her own mind: for instance, rolling in the bodies of deceased birds to pick up their scent and catch some of their feathers, which she meticulously preens into a more presentable state, is merely another manner of grooming for her, totally normal in her eyes. She is, perhaps, even unaware of these actions, rejecting them to uphold her delusion and moral stances. All of her self-deception aside, she’s actually a very nice young thing, respectful and patient and kind to everyone she meets. Still, she’s certainly odd, and often a bit disconcerting.

Title: The Gravedigger.

Sex: Male. Hart.

Age: 55/80.

Species: Ryukyu Sika Deer.

This hart may not believe in burying the dead, but he sure will do it for you—for a nominal fee, of course. In exchange for things such as trinkets, rare items, and exotic foods, he’ll be happy to dig a hole to your specifications, and even move and bury the body. The dead have never bothered him—it’s not like they’re going anywhere. In fact, he’s probably more comfortable around the dead than the living. He understands death just fine, but the living are often beyond him. He doesn’t do much talking, or socializing in general. It’s not that he’s a bad person; he just doesn’t relate to those around him. He’s happy to help others so long as it’s an exchange, and he has connections to various craftsmen for those who might want to leave something for their deceased. As for him, he has no special plans for his body. He sees nothing wrong with rotting where he falls.

Title: The Anthropologist.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 25/80.

Species: TEF Deer—ancestral-faced, without hair. “Space cadet blue,” “eerie black,” and “baby powder” white pelt, patterned closely to the Space Beluga pelt. Mule Deer build.

This doe is an Ancestral TEF Deer with a fascination for, if not an obsession with, humans. This started in her fawnhood when she first heard mention of them in passing. Since then, she’s gone about investigating their traces in The Forest: the Bridge, the human carvings into the rock of the Ruins, the Crying Idol and Pagan Idols, the fountain at De Drinkplaats, maybe even the Twin Gods—not to mention Abiogenesis instances like the cabin, the airplanes, and that old human woman who wandered the Forest. These traces and the more obscure, like the trees which are cut down around the First Forest, fascinate her endlessly, and she devotes virtually all of her waking hours to their study, eagerly asking around for anyone who knows of them and their culture, and conducting interviews with them if they’re willing. Her devotion ranges somewhere between a paranormal fanatic and a reporter trying desperately to make a break. She lives and breathes to learn about humanity, these beings which share the face of her kind.

Title: The Nanny.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 26/80.

Species: Pampas Deer. (Unknown subspecies.)

Having bred a few times herself, this doe is more than familiar with all aspects of fawn-care. Of course, it’s always more fun to care for someone else’s kids, because it’s temporary. Due to her own thoughts during her various mothering experiences, she realized there was more than a bit of room for a babysitting industry among Forest inhabitants, and she’s sought to fill this niche. However, like any industrious being, her oversight does not come without a price. She adores the beauty of this world and those beyond it, and she’s more than tempted by beautiful things. She charges hourly, as best as she can given what’s being exchanged, and you’ll never hear a peep of complaint out of her—she holds her comments to herself. She’s actually quite good with fawns, raises them to be well-mannered and to mind their elders. She herself is fairly quiet, but very confident as she is rather striking, presenting an air similar to that of an old schoolteacher. When not out and about on her own or with her charges, she resides in a little burrow-like den carved out beneath thick berry bushes that she paid the Gravedigger to dig for her; the walls and floor are decorated in a tasteful assortment of things she’s found around the Forest, various payments she’s received, and things to make staying more comfortable. When possible, she is also a wet-nurse.

Title: The Paper-Maker.

Sex: Female. Hind.

Age: 65/80.

Species: Barasingha (Western Swamp Deer).

This old lady has been around for some time, and she’s learned her share of tricks. Having witnessed paper before (be it from humans or beings who’d brought it over from other realms), she immediately grew interested in is use and production. Though an impressive scribe (using her mouth, words are even usually legible!), most of her expertise comes in the production of paper. With the assistance of a raccoon who was also granted sentience by Magic—though not the ability to speak—for all the work requiring thumbs, she spends the bulk of her time collecting fiber and the other papermaking necessities she uses in her craft. She keeps the better part of her work to herself as a trade secret, but she does insist that it merely takes time and patience to make them what she does and anyone could learn. She sells her paper, loose or bound, to anyone who will exchange with her something of value. She prefers to exchange for more papermaking materials, inks and dyes, or other things with definitive function; she does not much care for things which serve exclusively for decoration.

Title: The Help.

Sex: Male.

Age: 16/80.

Species: Snake River Valley Raccoon.

This is the raccoon who spends most of the time helping The Paper-maker. He does all of the grunt work which requires a delicacy that deer cannot hope to possess, such as pick out tiny splinters of wood from good pulp, bind paper, and so on. However, along with helping his friend, the paper-maker, he will happily help out others around the forest with their thumb-based needs as well, be that tying knots, beading string, making string, or anything else in his power. Unlike the paper-maker, he’s very helpful, and takes great enjoyment in assisting others. When not helping The Paper-maker, he can be found assisting The Tailor.

Title: Bad Compulsive Liar.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 23/80.

Species: Marsh Deer.

Though not necessarily a bad being, this deer cannot help but lie indiscriminately. While he is a pathological liar, he has virtually no talent in lying—though one or even two of his lies may be passable, he is absolutely inconsistent, and from one meeting to another, his story will virtually never hold up. He has difficulty remembering faces, voices, and scents, and for these reasons he’s phenomenally bad at keeping his stories straight even when he’s trying. For the most part, it’s just an impulse, and he’s too immature and handicapped to resist it. Though somewhat awkward to interact with—as he seems to have no grasp of when he ought to allow lapses in conversation or the other to even speak—he isn’t strictly unpleasant. In fact, he’s very sociable and rather kind when he has the mind to be. Though one will most likely never know anything true about him, he’s remarkably loyal, and seems to just want to socialize.

Title: Miss Beautician.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 32/80.

Species: TEF Deer—typically human-faced, with hair. Known to shift between human and deer face with magic. Gray Brocket Deer build.

This striking lady makes a living grooming deer and other folks in need of a little touch-up, be it strictly for function or more of a fashionable visit. She is well-versed in most things needed for the physical upkeep of the sensible animal, but especially talented in trimming and polishing. She regularly buys goods for polishing/cleaning and to sell back for a profit (herbal shampoos, etc). She takes payment in attractive trinkets and the like, or if necessary, lower-interest goods such as food. She is constantly experimenting with her looks, and has a ton of tips and tricks and all that for anyone who asks. She considers herself to be very attractive, and from an objective perspective, she may not be wrong. She can come off as a bit (or more than a bit) haughty, but unfortunately for those she offends, she is actually quite talented in her field, and is rarely wrong in her statements.

Title: Stereotypical Campaigning Politician.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 45/80.

Species: TEF Deer—human-faced, with hair. White-tailed Deer build.

He is not of any Earthly political group, but still he goes around soliciting votes in his favour for some position of power. He also goes about urging others to support a particular sort of political structure. Well-intentioned, he is still pushy and dismissive, all the things politicians are typically rumoured to be. When his answer to a question is not a favourable one to give, he works his way around the question, using other statements to dodge answering. Though he does not badmouth others per se, he can be found offering less than savory opinions of others if he thinks it will benefit him. He is excellent at chameleon-ing to a situation, wonderful at surface-level charm and small talk. With a gaunt and handsome Caucasian face and combed black hair, he’s most definitely got the face for fame. He can gauge what another being believes and holds dear to an astonishing degree from very little interaction and key observations, and he uses this talent to better himself to the perceptions of others. He would be helpful if he ever did attain a position of power, just isn’t above manipulation to get there. He is never seen in anything but an impeccably well-tailored suit.

Title: Self-Appointed Police.

Sex: Male.

Age: 28/80.

Species: Northern Pudú.

This deer thinks he’s entitled to some position of authority, and has always been extremely loud, nosy, and bossy. It wouldn’t be a logical leap to assume he’s trying to compensate for his small size by being so aggressive, but his absolute lack of tact and general social skill makes him unpleasant at best. He militantly follows a strict set of personal rules and allows no exceptions. He devotes all of his time to running around telling others what they can and can’t do, and generally making a giant tool of himself. He wears aviator glasses because he thinks they make him look more intimidating, and he isn’t above decorating himself in other “cool” gear or weapons to be more “badass.”

Title: The Tailor.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 41/80.

Species: Père David's Deer.

A gentleman, this stag wears his craft as evidence of his proficiency with quiet pride. Though it varies day-to-day, his usual attire is that of a dress shirt, vest, and tie—occasionally with a small, proper hat balanced atop his head between his sizeable antlers. He’s very soft-spoken and polite, with a bit of an American Southern drawl. While he gladly accepts donations, he’s most definitely the charitable type, and will gladly make anything he’s capable of for nothing more than a smile. He gets his materials from The Importer, who was also kind enough (paid well enough) to acquire for him a sewing machine which he keeps guarded in the Birch. Given his lack of hands, it is often a very slow and careful process fraught with mistakes, and sometimes he needs to call upon The Help; however, his exceeding diligence and dedication results in nothing less than a beautiful product.

Title: M.C. Sir Vin3.

Sex: Male. Buck.

Age: 14/80.

Species: TEF Deer—human faced, with hair. Indian Muntjac build.

This young buck considers himself to be an aspiring rapper with great promise, though that is yet to really be determined. Given his hormonal and youthful point of view, his raps are typically more bravado than actual competence or portraits of any experiences. He attempts to act rather cool and aloof, but often tries far too hard to appear aloof and detached, and may come off as a bit desperate for attention and respect. From an objective perspective, his raps are actually not bad; he shows talent with his use of timing, rhyme, and syllable count, and boasts a decent vocabulary. However, his subject matter is generally more than a little lacking, given his naivety and need to impress others. He would be completely down for a cool hat and some slick shades, but as of yet has had no luck.

Title: The Importer.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 29/80.

Species: Fallow Deer.

A normal-looking deer in every way but for her leucism, this doe utilizes every tool she has to her advantage, including her non-threatening appearance. She possesses the capacity to travel between TEF and Earth (and Earth-like dimensions) at will. She does so frequently to collect trinkets and other things and bring them back to TEF to trade/sell for things she wants. Since she can obtain virtually any item for herself, she typically looks for rather unique things in her exchanges: arts and crafts unique to The Forest’s denizens, favours, things that only exist within The Forest, and so on. She will go on commission to hunt down anything she can, for the right price. Her biggest import is meat, to support the inordinate amount of predators, particularly large predators, living in TEF who cannot support themselves.

Name: Carmen. Brandy. Honey. Scarlet. You get the picture.

Title: The Courtesan.

Sex: Female. Doe.

Age: 24/80.

Species: Southern Honshu Sika Deer/"Nara Park" Sika Deer. TEF Deer Influenced—has a mane which presents itself similarly to hair.

Set: Monarch Butterfly Antlers. Real Deer Mask. Dark Real Deer Pelt.

Though she most certainly does exchange material goods for sexual favours, she is not cheap and it by any means tasteless. Rather charming by deer standards—going to great lengths to groom her long, very dark brunette mane and often decorating herself with flowers and other such things—she is extremely aloof and not afraid to speak her mind. In fact, it is doubtless that she has lost potential clients in the past by her attitude alone, as things are her way or no way. Well-versed, intelligent, and silver-tongued, she will zero in on “what you don’t like about you” and use it to her advantage. Despite her streetwise personality and penchant for verbal smack-downs, she is not mean by nature, simply experienced in defending herself and her chosen profession. Due to her experiences, she is quick to assume that others are against her, and is something of a loner by nature due to this. However, she’ll make quick friends with anyone of a similar mindset to hers, and their clique will be one to be respected.

Title: Radiation Victim.

Sex: Male. Bull.

Age: 19/80.

Species: Moose (Eurasian Elk).

Having entered the Forest from another area where radioactive material was abundant, this deer suffers from chronic radiation poisoning. Unlike in some cult fiction, this radioactivity has not caused spontaneous mutation, bioluminescence, or any other sort of drastic biological shift. He remains entirely the same as he was before exposure, except that he is more prone to illness in the form of nausea, an increased likelihood of contracting infections, and a tendency toward small amounts of blood seepage from orifices. He is distinctly below average—and perhaps even healthy—weight for his species and sex. He is also significantly more likely to develop diseases, particularly cancers, over his lifetime, and has a weakened skeletal structure. As with anyone suffering from the condition, he is otherwise normal and now perfectly safe to be around, and does not have any special abilities due to his experience.

Title: Simple Deer.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 26/80.

Species: Huemul/South Andean Deer.

Though not purely a feral animal, this stag leans much more toward the feral spectrum due to his lack of distinct intellect. While capable of conversation, he tends to be rather short-spoken and often has difficulty expressing certain concepts, possibly due to some sort of learning disorder. He is also, for whatever reason, incapable of recalling names properly—he will always use a word he knows which is very similar-sounding to the name, but never the name itself. If he does not know any words which sound similar to a name, he will not recall the name at all. Despite his simplicity, he is very kind and unassuming, unfortunately for him also quite easy to dupe. He’s not much one for fighting, and tends to simply stay in a group fairly unnoticed and with little social standing of his own.

Title: Fodder.

Sex: Male. Stag.

Age: 33/80.

Species: Tufted Deer.

A rather average stag, but for his disease: polycythemia vera. This disease is characterized by hyperactive bone marrow, resulting in the overproduction of red blood cells, and sometimes white blood cells and platelets. When his condition worsens, his symptoms can include: itching, sudden burning pain and swelling of the extremities (as well as bluish or reddish skin discolouration in these areas, though this is not visible due to his fur) which is particularly aggravated by heat, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. He is also prone to gout, peptic ulcers, and blood clots due to his disease, though these things are not currently an issue. Treatment of this condition is as simple as regular bloodletting, but is obviously complicated by being a deer. Having learned to some degree about his disease via a wound he sustained when he was young and its relieving effects on his symptoms, he may seek out leeches or other blood-sucking beings when his symptoms begin to flare up.

Note: To my understanding, it is biologically impossible for deer to have polycythemia vera. I am overlooking this for purely selfish reasons because I want a blood-bag deer.

Title: Spooky. Spooky Scary Skeleton.

Sex: Male. Bull. Alternates between "it" and "he."

Age: ???/80.

Species: Irish Elk.

Set: Zombie Antlers. Zombie Mask. Deer of the Dead Pelt.

An actual skeleton. More specifically, the skeleton (likely fossilized) of an Irish elk which has been reanimated by magic. It had no living tissue whatsoever, and so can come apart freely at any time, and reassemble itself at will by the magic which grants it life. He is something of a party animal, very simplistic in nature but that is his only real tie to feral animals. He greatly enjoys dancing and other shenanigans such as amusing or frightening others by suddenly falling apart or just generally being the spooky scary skeleton that he is. He is utterly harmless despite his size and the fact that he is a skeleton.

Brief Descriptive Phrase: Sentient Cleaner Fish.

Species: Doctor fish (Garra rufa), etc. (Lists of freshwater cleaner fish are few and far between—whatever occurs naturally on Earth.)

Having gained a degree of sentience by virtue of Magic, this good-sized school of fish makes its life in the Pond, contributing its services to any friendly passer-by. As cleaning stations go, they make their presence known through colouration and by actively seeking out those who will benefit from their services. Due to the thickness of fur, they will rarely school around healthy animals, except to remove parasites or if they are given access to mouths or other orifices. They instead largely focus on animals with wounds, performing the act of cleaning away dead and damaged flesh and potentially harmful parasites and bacterial growths.

Their sentience is very limited in that they can sometimes distinguish a dangerous host from a welcoming one—though usually only with experience—and share this knowledge among the group. They will often leave those who would harm them alone, even if the individual would make a good host otherwise. Beyond that, they may learn to differentiate between individuals over time, and their behaviour may become tailored to these “friends.” Overall, they are only somewhat more intelligent than typical Earth fish, with virtually all the behaviours of them.

Name: Manuel.

Title: Intellectual Leech.

Species: Leech.

Possesses an astonishing degree of intelligence with no real way to communicate it. It’s chaotic neutral so it doesn't care about drinking deer’s blood to get by. Doesn't really do much with itself that would imply that it's abnormal.

Title: The Silverfish Grammar Police.

Species: Silverfish.

Lives in books correcting minor errors in spelling/grammar/punctuation by eating and vomiting ink.


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