- Ar'ynzell -

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design by qanat
middle & last art also by qanat
first art by deviantart.com/xxslow-burnxx

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Ar'ynzell Ythnlle

name _ Ar'ynzell Ythnlle
alias _ Ara
picto _ ... Aarnivaino

species _ human-faced creature
sex _ male
age _ 25
orientation _ homeofsexual
haunts _ the playground

height _ ... 27
set _ rd pelt, antlerless, maskless
th _ ...

♖ A former Warlord of a small now destroyed kingdom

♖ On the run from the mess he's made, found himself in a strange forest

_ Anatomy _

✜ His tail is either found rolled into a club, splayed open, or appears hair-like. It can be very hard almost like bone, still flexible enough to move the spines around, or can be relaxed to appear and function as hair. Offensively he usually just rolls it into a club and you may be bonked with it.
✜ He's got a strange, magic-infused eye, keeps it hidden, doesn't use it's power unless necessary
✜ The eye can make portals, and use various magic that usually manifests into purple, lightening-like energy

_ Persona _

✜ Crass, sarcastic, & playful but not very nice usually, unless you like bastards.
✜ Easily annoyed but not quick to anger, also easily distracted.
✜ Surprisingly social sometimes, also surprisingly grumpy when he doesn't want to be social.
✜ Has a pretty face but acts like a brute.
✜ He gives zero shits, and sometimes violence IS the answer, but usually the answer is being rude.
✜ Fond of big ol'freaks and spookies, though won't approach those who seem already angry or aggressive, wants to keep his face free of teeth and claw marks.
✜ Insanely curious of anything that looks interesting, not a fan of barging in, slow to approach.
✜ Sometimes flirty, usually not sincere more in the teasing sense. Very gay though.
✜ Not predatory, he's omnivorous but isn't interested in eating sentient creatures. Morals, or whatever.

_ Items _

✜ Has a billion gold rings, chains, and accessories, will trade them for other shit, he likes to barter and get unique items for them.
✜ Usually seen with his crown, maybe he'll trade it for your unyielding loyalty, inquire if interested he's always looking for minions friends

nameim lov u
ezra you're chill
name unsure, stinky , name unsure, big , name unsure, cool , name unsure, fun?Question
name nope

open for roleplay, plots & IF interaction

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following bc wow how gorgeous

following bc wow how gorgeous
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lov him.

lov him.