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Eve's Adopts & Designs

Hey all! Eve here once again-- This time with adoptable designs! This blog will likely update often, as I enjoy designing characters. Characters that have been sold will be moved to the bottom of the post!

To buy a design, comment here, email me (cinderdragon342@gmail.com) or message me on discord (sleepy evecat#7386) with which design you'd like, and your paypal email. I will send an invoice, and once it is paid, the design is yours!
I do take custom commissions! It's $20 for a one-sided reference, and $50 for a two-sided.

I prioritize USD, but may take character or art offers if the fancy strikes me.

For Sale

Blazing Rosette - $15
Transparent version available upon owner's request.


None yet!
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small bump! new designs

small bump! new designs coming soon :>

slides in here all

slides in here all sneaky-like
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i am looking....

i am looking....