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2019 Reading Challenge 46/200
Last Updated: 2/27/19
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8 years
Chickens/ Birds/ books/ feathers/ video games / natural sciences / 19th century literature

In Game Status: Offline.

Currently playing: RDR 2

General disclaimer: I curse. It happens. :shrug:

Well this is a shitty day. Newsflash I'm not a fucking computer.

Image Reate. Bicorn with magical tendencies. Not the happiest of personalities. Looking for: friendships/relationships/love interest.


ImageJokul. Sheep/goat/deer/cow fluff. Stoic and relatively quiet. Calm with the tendency for self negatives. Injured atm. Looking for: Relationships/friendships/love interest.

Open for anything plots/rps wise.

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bump. If you have adopts let

bump. If you have adopts let me see 'em!
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heyo yo

heyo yo
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.
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concerning your update and

concerning your update and all about your resolution IM PROUD OF YOU! You know from our chats how proud I am of you and your progress and you keep going girl! You got this!