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Most infos filled in.

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Name Jøkul; Norse, Glacier
Monikors D'or (golden), Anani (My cloud), Levar (Soft-spoken)*
Forest Name The Archer
Sex Male; Bi*
Mate None
Offspring Two out of Forest
Size #31
Scent High mountain air; fresh snow; pine resin; alfalfa.
Set Butterfly Mask- Real Deer Dark- Key Antlers
Composed of TEF deer with some wooly sheep and goat influences.
Reference Click!
Voice Selectively mute, but when he does talk has a light, lilting voice with a noticeable accent.
Voice Color ######
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Entered into more rain. Again. Chilling while player does things. Alchemilla joined him and cuddled in the willows overlooking the pond and watching the rain.


Dúnn - A longtime acquaintance, one time flame in their youth. One of the few people the male feels relaxed in his company and not hard pressed to come out of silence for even if the other's chattering exhausts him after a time. Tells little to, but did seek out before the other made himself scarce. A drinking buddy, a relaxing time friend. Knows now that the place he roams to has a name, and a strange form. Starting to frequent the place now that he stumbled across the same portal. Perhaps with the hope of finding the other again.

Sowmaya - Grandmotherly Fluff Mountain A giant that wrapped him in more kindness than he could handle. Showed him an apple orchard and explained the world to him and the gods there. Dismissive of the last, confused by the first. Promised a gift of a blanket to, and doesn't know how to take that. Has never been gifted anything of value before. Finds himself looking forward to that encounter and any after that though- basks in her kindness more than he'll ever care to admit.

Alchemilla - Not-Unicorn After first stumbling onto their world, finds himself visiting it more and more frequently, though only in one meeting spot so far. Finds the other genuinely kind even after a few encounters, his skepticism of the other's motives rounding away more and more as they talk. Starting to speak more frequently in their company as his forays into the other's world increases into weeks, bringing gifts like the apples- though frets how they'd be received- when he comes around to visit.



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I mean. I need them.

I mean. I need them.
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@Morto ♥ @pumpkinseed

@Morto ♥

@pumpkinseed - Right. Basically what I said when I realized what he looked like.
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Aww, he reminds me of a suri

Aww, he reminds me of a suri alpaca ^^
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Oh noes he does...he'd be

Oh noes he does...he'd be perfect. ♥ Stubborn and fluffy.

bump. pretty new css ♥
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Oh my gosh I love him

Oh my gosh I love him ♥_♥

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how am i not tracking this

how am i not tracking this yet
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.