10-22-2016 Abiogenesis & Velocity's Arrival - Video

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Unfortunately my game client glitched, but there are still some interesting parts that got recorded, and lots of Abiogenesis-only audio! This has been edited to remove any part where the Twin Gods were not present on screen or there was not unique audio present; the video may appear to skip where parts have been removed. There is also some lag when many players are present on-screen.

Some of the audio is subtle (such as flower firework noises), and it's a very long video (a little over an hour). There are notes about events and when they occur below the video. You can watch on YouTube and click on the times in the video description to hop around more easily, if you'd like.

NOTE: I have no idea what the songs' titles are, so I've given them names based on what they sound like or what events typically accompany them.

0:11 - The camera view pans out, indicating the Forest's gods have entered
0:22 - The gods announce their presence with a lightning show
0:48 - Michael calls to the Forest; some answer
It rains for a bit until the deer have begun to gather and the gods are ready to start
2:22 - Michael calls again and most of the Forest answers and begins to follow him
3:28 - The Twin Gods and the herd arrive at the Twin Gods' Statues
6:40 - Statue lifting ceremony begins. Unfortunately my game glitched and the Statues do not move as they should, and I was not present to move my deer so the dancing music cannot be heard. The screen remains fixed on the Twin Gods' Hill for the remainder of the video, rather than following the statues (which should be following the gods). Michael can be seen as a large golden deer while present on the hill. Not sure where Auriea is.
7:40 - Abiogenesis effects begin
8:15 - First song begins. "Bop-bop"
9:12 - Jet's first appearance
10:17 - First song ends and the gods lead the herd away to celebrate in other parts of the Forest
11:39 - Abiogenesis effects on the Twin Statues (bubble). My fiance's phone rings in the background lol.
12:04 - Transition to twilight snow
12:19 - The herd passes through on their way to another section of the Forest.
12:31 - Tarzan cries can be heard while the herd passes through. Shortly after, lightning bolts strike off-screen.
13:19 - Lightning off-screen
13:30 - Second song begins. "Statue Magic/Tree Cry" (shares the same sound as when a user passes through a tree)
14:03 - Transition to dawn with mushrooms
15:00 - More lightning bolts
15:47, 16:18 - Jet's audio
16:35 - Dutch text appears.
Previous note about this text

This is an excerpt from "Nachtboek van een Slapeloze" by Patricia De Martelaere.

Ik voel iets van de wereldvrede, zoals soms doodsbange soldaten in loopgrachten die kunnen voelen, tussen twee hevige salvo's door: plotse windstilt, het gesjirp van een vogel, het doffe vallen van een kastanje, het geritsel van een damhert in het struikgewas.

Patricia De Martelaere, Nachtboek van een Slapeloze

(Google!) Translated:

I feel something of the world, as is sometimes terrified soldiers in trenches that can feel, between two heavy volleys by: sudden wind tilt, the chirping of a bird, the dull fall of a chestnut, the rustle of a deer in the bushes.

Patricia De Martelaere, Book of a Sleepless Night

17:17 - Text fades
17:45 - Quick fade into third song. "Last Dance".
18:02 - Transition to snow
18:36 - Birds begin to circle the Statues. Ravens, then doves.
20:45 - Third song ends
21:28 - Trill (usually flowers grow during this noise, but they are off-screen here)
21:55 - A faint bubbling/chirping noise. I'm actually not sure what this is; I haven't heard it in the Forest before. It may be a noise in my apartment? Someone who was present please let me know!
22:30 - Transition to snowing at dawn, then day; snow ceases
22:54 - Wolf howl
23:05 - Lightning and thunder strikes
24:20 - "Flowerworks" can be heard going off
25:11 - One of the gods calls, and the Forest answers
25:40 - Again
26:00 - Again!
26:22 - Transition to twilight
26:40 - Back to day
26:58 - The Twin Gods and herd arrive for the closing ceremony
27:32 - Fourth song starts. "Last Dance" again. Closing ceremony begins; Michael can be seen as a large golden deer to the right. Bubbles and rocks surround the Statues. The Statues are returned to their pillar atop the Twin Gods' Hill (again, unable to see this due to my game's glitch)
28:54 - The Statues finally move for my screen. This is what they are supposed to do the whole time. "The End" and credit sequence begins; the jet flies over again and other Abiogenesis effects take place on-screen.
30:15 - Abiogenesis ends, but some effects continue and the Twin Gods do not depart as they are preparing for Velocity's first introduction of the season.
31:26 - Twilight, then night; disco ball after-party!
Michael can be seen dancing in the middle of a gradually thinning crowd to the right.
51:22 - Velocity's fog arrives (slightly off-screen; Michael logs into Velocity and Auriea can be seen as a Twin Gods' ball of light)
51:42 - Velocity announces himself and the Halloween season begins; a growing number of zombie voices join him as players obtain the mask
52:38 - Jet
53:10 - Auriea becomes visible on screen as a ball of light
53:32 - "Keening Souls" sound effect begins (and runs until the end of the video), fire can be seen on the right where Velocity is just off-screen (or buried in other players). Various other Halloween effects such as bats and creeping vines begin.
57:45 - Velocity leads the herd off-screen (can be seen exiting from top/right to the bottom of the screen - giant zombie deer). Halloween festivities continue off-screen.