My Memories Faded Away~

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Work in Progress.
"I am not extraordinary nor perfect,
does it mean I am not worth it?"


- Mind100%
- Emotional95%
A little lonely, normal.


Coming back, no worries...
Eventually starting to feel at home, Iko was feeling much better and safe. he had not meet any creature as for now, apart from Jezara which he had not seen since a long time ago and started to miss. This time, he decided to head to the Playground. Perhaps he will meet new faces today.

Met a fawn and a deer. Both were nice. They danced and played with spells altogether and met other strangers as well. Iko did not stay long however, he just sat under a tree and sighed. Only deers here. Are there creatures that have nothing to do with deers?

Name: Can't remember. - Iko13
Nicknames: Iko*"ee-ko", by the humans, the only (nick)name he remembers.
Gender: Male/Ikla
Species: Ceravi
Race: Half southern, half Northern.
Age: Young adult.
Size: A little taller than 17
Orientation: Bisexual
Diet: Lost taste for real food.
Scent: Covered by human scent.
Voice: Sounds like Alex Goot
#F0C495 - If has Southern colors.
#736A63 - If has Northern colors.
Reference: Southern - Northern

Inforest Set:
Southern - Complete Owl Set
Northern - Owl mask, Swan antlers, Long pelt.

He has strange marking on the body that circle his neck, legs and tail. His whole body is very dirty because he never had the time to take care of himself and his antlers are broken (one is shorter than the other) due to fightings. He got an awful claw mark on the neck which he hides with a collar that humans gave to him, along with four bracelets, which also change of colors when he does.

Not really strong, he is, however, basically very nimble and fast.


A Collar with Four Bracelets - Put by humans. Those are yellow ribbons which two bells and two other thiner ribbons are attached to. They become blue-grey when he has northern colors.
Pill Box - A small brownish-dark red and white cylindric box, contains pills of the same colors. Given by humans to heal his some kind of ill. Have aftereffects as they made him lose any taste of real food, he is very addicted to them.

Coward - His main flaw. Can't face his own fears and always leaves his friends behind when in danger, even if he doesn't want to. This is mainly why he hates himself, thinking he is a bad person.
Sensitive - He cries for almost everything and anything. Has a poet side which wakes up from time to time. In lack of affection, he may very easily become attached to someone.
Gentle - Polite, he stresses when he forgets to say goodbye to someone or when he simply goes away. Often asks if he can help or helps without someone telling him to.
Pervert - Unwillingly, he often has bad pictures or thoughts in his head when he likes someone. When it happens, he usually blushes and shakes violently his head to chase them away from his mind. In fact, he can't help himself.
Shy - Fears to bother the others, will rarely comes to someone or to a group unless invited. Hates to draw the ohers' attention on him.
Fearful - Is scared of many things and quite easily.
Thoughtful - Despite his cowardice, he, however, really cares about the others. The act that shows it the most is when he warns the others about himself, because he knows all bad things he could do to them and that is what he fears the most.
Playful - Loves to play with others, especially with fawns.
Fawn Lover - Loves the fact that those little creatures ignore about what the real world is and how they put themselves in their own imaginary world.
Skilled Fighter - Back in his younger years where he wanted to be a fighter, he watched the others fighting each other and learnt on his own, he created his own moves and bet many rivals. Today, for a cowardly ceravi, fighting scares him a lot but you can consider him as a pretty good fighter...if you consider his moves as fighting.

NOTE: what you're going to read is his history, he may not remember anything before he found himself in the forest.

He used to live in the Ceravi planet but one day woke up without knowing how, nor who or what he was. He was found by humans who gave him the name of Iko and treated him like a simple pet. They forced him to work, causing him for not having time to take care of himself. They even put him a collar and bracelets with bells so they would hear him if he would try to escape.
One day, he decided to go away but the dogs, hearing the bells attached to his collar and bracelets, attacked him, leaving him a scar at the neck and an injury at the right shoulder.
He suddenly heard the voice of the Twin Gods and woke up in the Endless Forest, amnesiac...again.


Jezara - First creature (from the same species) he met, helped him with his injuries and explained him about the Forest. Likes her.




Nothing yet.

DisclaimerCSS by me
Used the reference sheet by Chromai for the portrait.
Iko is 95% IC, his actions nor emotions rarely represent mine.
You can contact me at KamayaTEF(at)outlook(dot)com.
All interactions with him are allowed here.

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Just testing something.
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