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Feeling a MIGHTY NEED to "nest". Beginning to search for a new place to burrow, preferably near stony locations. Already gathering straws, feathers, shed fur, anything soft and/or fluffy that he is stashing for this future burrow. Does not actually hibernate but does slow down during the colder months, sleeps longer, and desires warm bodies to nest with. More social during this time but still wary of intentions.

Actually played a game of chase with Starless today after an initial hesitation.


This character is a work in progress, no fanciness for a while here. Design and details subject to change as he is developed.

As a note Kynsiä will not pursue fawns/minis/deer that are not obviously roleplay characters. Just to be on the safe side.

Sketches -
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Inspiration for the design from the Indian Civet, African Civet, Genet, Badger, Thylacine, Racoon.
- Antlers/Horns meant to be close to the skull to lessen interference when burrowing.
- Paws are small in the sketch, but are meant to be more between a cats and a badgers.
- Back legs are hooved, three toes.

Name: Kynsiä (Coon-See-Ah), Kynsi (Coon-See), Kyn (Coon)
Age: Mature Adult
Sex: Male
Sexuality: ???
Forest Set: Pelt/Great Argus, Mask/Golden Butterfly, Antlers/Space Beluga
Size: Estimated #25 (Maybe #16?)

Carnivore: Scavenger, Opportunistic hunter
* Primarily eats carrion and insects.
* Will target prey smaller than himself or severely injured animals.
* He is a coward, so easily discouraged by feisty prey without someone to back him up.
* He is excited by the sounds of other animals hunting. He will follow other hunters (or those assumed to be hunting) and may even slip in to help take down prey.
* May occasionally be seen snacking on fruit. It's like candy... not very nourishing.

Burrowing tendencies:
* Paws are designed for digging and burrowing.
* Tends to make a preferred burrow to regularly nest in.
* Actually has multiple prepared burrows in case he needs to move house when his preferred is disturbed.
* Will dig out prey from their own burrows. Finds this to be an affective hunting technique.
* Will bury food throughout the forest in burrows made specifically for storage.
* Known Burrows: Big Willow by the lake. Current main (as it's easy for his player to find right now.)

* Has predatory teeth. Obv'
* Thorns on the side of horns are used in self defense when in close proximity by swinging his head to the side.
* Has a stink gland used in times of desperation, somewhat like a skunk spray. ???

Calling out: "Hey, where you at?!"

Purr: Someone likes you.

Angery/Fustrated: He's really annoyed or frightened...

Warning Cry: "Look out!", "Enemy afoot!"

Distress/Pain: Sounds made when being attacked and taking damage.


Ajokoira: Something of an ally. Often seen following and assisting Ajokoira when the other creature is hunting. Respectful and wary of, wont get too close.

Rossamund: Meddlesome, interferes with his and Ajo's hunting regularly. Will target specifically as a food source if Ross is injured and unguarded.

SkySight: Curiosity. Not food. Canine thing, other predator? Possible scrap maker? Maybe not dangerous? Respectful and wary of.

Starless: Curiosity. Not food. Other predator? Maybe not dangerous? Wary but doesn't feel threatened by currently.

Umay: Larger predator. Interferes with his hunting. Threat; will it eat me? Also possible source of food, though still has not witnessed her hunt aside from chasing him away from his own prey. Beginning to see her interferences as territorial. Competition for hunting space?

Shardul & Nikhil: Threats, dangerous. Beginning to see their interferences as territorial. Competition for hunting space? More likely to avoid when they are healthy and gathered together. However, because of their continuous interference with previous hunts will target their children when they are alone. Will also target them if they are injured and unguarded.

Shahla: Protectors of the feline thing (Circe)? Dangerous threats, avoid.

Andor: Curiosity. Not food, other predator. Is it useful? Will it make scraps for Kynsiä? Wary, might bite me.

Vasilisa & Rozen: Was spooked by, pursued, and cornered. Does not appreciate feeling like prey. Weary of. Might try pointedly stealing any food they leave unattended.

Sloane: Took Ajokoira and his prey away once. Troublesome, wary of.

Circe: Feline thing. Tried to eat once or twice when they were younger.

Possible food things: Haroten, Sabel, Rune, Tala, Fawn
Accendare: Possible food but too big and feisty to hunt alone? Mother of a weak baby.
A Bean??? Now guarded by Shardul & Nikhil?
Eli: Kind of bigger than he usually hunts alone. Targeted him officially after an interference when Kyn' went after a Ross. Seems like a weak fellow but still likely to dodge and slip in for quick nips rather than go all out. Recipe for stag dinner; Harass, tire, bleed out and serve still warm. If thrashes too much; serve cold to be on the safe side.
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Hii c:

Hii c:

mmm track it

track it

MB & candle17 Hello :3

MB & candle17
Hello :3
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Track :>

Track :>
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hii Smiling

VasilisaKonti & gadkiy Hi hi

VasilisaKonti & gadkiy
Hi hi Laughing out loud

Hello! c:

Hello! c:
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*-* much stalkage. Very

much stalkage. Very watchful 8D
Sabel, Sam

Image © Alhnna

FishBiscuit, cloudandis, I

Laughing out loud

I was sneak-attack-posted. Shocked
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Oh heck yeah you were 8D

Oh heck yeah you were 8D
Sabel, Sam

Image © Alhnna
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And a track here too!

And a track here too! ♥
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"(OOCly debating on getting

"(OOCly debating on getting the mini-spell... Since he's closer to that size? Maybe... but ewww, the process of getting mini spell. QQ)"

THE STRUGGLE. Him being a mini in game would be legit though, even if it's such a PITA to get. :/ Either way, really enjoyed meeting this feisty dude!
look out, kid.

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watching thisss.

watching thisss.
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-Insert 'gonna hunt you down

-Insert 'gonna hunt you down for chasing my daughter' track-
Prepare yourself for an angry wolf dad when I manage to get in forest again (; .




"Stay in that tree as long as it suits you, coward. And I'll rip you to shreds and eat every piece the next time you show your fucking face."
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Boop. c:

Boop. c:
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took me a minute to catch

took me a minute to catch onto his intentions at first oops
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&hearts; cB

♥ cB

SingaReindeer But your

But your children looked so delicious, I just wanted to drag them into a burrow and eat their little toes. You have more than one, you can spare! :I

Also, whoever is guarding the burrow you're pictogram is showing different in forest than it does on the map. Are you a wizard? Shocked
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Ingolfr has been enjoying the

Ingolfr has been enjoying the "game" this evening...
Sorry my big lad is a considerable bully

Acurna Good to know who you

Good to know who you are since your picto is glitching for me!
Kynsiä does not appreciate being blocked in his burrow. To be fair Ingolfr is keeping Kynsiä from eating children, mothers will probably thank him. lol