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I was trying to teach a gray, skull masked deer with ram horns how to sit in the air. Who are you? Anyway, If you saw yuissy prancing around and then suddenly sit, it was for a reason.. *A butterfly pelt deer also tried to help. ( my deer,yuissy, was a skull msked, orange peacock). Please look mr. skully:( (*Ignore that*...

1.) Find a hill. I like the gods hill.
2.) Jump while running
3.) As youre in the air, press the escape key twice to make your deer sit. Press it quickly, though.
4.) To stay in the air and do whatever, press the dance key while your deer is sitting.

To get down, sit and then stand up.
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Please... this doesn't

Please... this doesn't belong in the Pictures section. It only spams it. Anyone who wants to know will surely see it in the Diaries section, so if you could remove it please, that would be lovely. ^__^
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My deer P was the butterfly

My deer P was the butterfly pelted.
Good luck learning to air sit gray mask!
You can do it! <3

(this belongs in the diary section i suggest <3)
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lol. that was Anko. He was

lol. that was Anko. He was all,"I've always wanted to do that.", and ended up getting frustarated..xD

I forgot about the esc key. /fail