New Deer + Sketches

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A while back when the 3rd gen pictos first came out I couldn't help but snag This. Looks kind of like a sword. But I still hadn't made a character for it yet, I wanted to make sure I got it right.

So this is the design concept, her pelt is based off a Blue Morpho Butterfly, and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm still working on personality back story etc.

More stuff under cut.

I'm trying to get back to drawing Iendoe, so I did this quick sketch today. I think it turned out all right, the legs are wonky but the point was to get her face right, something I've always had trouble with her. It's pretty spot on, except maybe the eyes are a little too big in proportion to the rest of her face than how I draw her usually.

Random Ren picture from a while back, when I suddenly decided to toss him in forest minus emotional baggage. It was nice. He got most of his set back, and enjoyed a lot of time with Rook or Bishop I think? He quite enjoyed dancing on the water again, I need to play my other characters more often. Just sticking to basic character, having fun.

Genderbent Iendoe and Zevi, I already posted this on the genderbender thread.

Iendark. Not a new character, just a concept that's helping me explore her character a little more. She's basically the complete opposite of Iendoe, although she still has the same natural appearance and can talk to poppies. Though she's sees it as more of a curse. Not that great, I did it a while ago, companion piece to This.
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I really, really, really love

I really, really, really love how you draw human faces! Seriously, they're beautiful.
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Meadooow! Ah I love to see

Meadooow! Ah I love to see your art! And I remember that superdeer character, found him really adorable back in the day. Would love to see more of him! You could try keeping him a while longer, especially if you're doubtful. If you give him away it's permanent, of course.

I like Iendark too, very nice looking concept.
Anyway it's good to see you back! Smiling
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Serenai: Thank you <3 Human

Serenai: Thank you <3 Human faces are what I draw most, unfortunately not so great with deer faces.

Mis: Hey! And thank you, I love seeing your comments (:
I know, I really want to keep him, it's just that being who he is, he'd be all in over his head, and butting into other deer's business, trying to break up fights, save people etc. And that kind of makes me nervous. I might get some instant messaging program though, so people can tell me when it's a bad time for him to be in forest, or something.

Thanks, it's been an interesting exercise. Because I keep getting different impressions of her, but then I go, well if she's really the opposite of Iendoe, then she should be more like this...
Good to be back ^.^

Hey, you! It's awesome to see

Hey, you! It's awesome to see you posting here again c: Loving the art as always.
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Hi yourself =) Thank you, I

Hi yourself =) Thank you, I missed being around here.