February 14th, 2013

Woke up in the forest. Felt bewildered, stumbled around. Was fascinated by the petals falling from the sky and sat among some tree roots, watching them.
Watched some deer from a distance. Found herself romping around with another fawn (Rossamund), soon joined by another--and then the fawn's first spell-spam experience took place. Ran around some more and explored the ruins, still a bit clumsy on her legs and giddy from the spells. Eventually collapsed with Rossamund in some flowers for a nap (and player afk'd to watch a movie~)

Currently unnamed
Fawn; ageless
Appears feminine

♦Arrived in-forest February 14th
♦Constantly developing and learning
♦Sensitive to forest magic; easily affected by spells
♦Thrives in colder weather

(Subject to change at whim)

♦Built like a normal human-faced fawn; 3
♦Cream-colored pelt
♦Grey-brown "socks" on legs
♦Brown underside of tail
♦Faint brown fawn spots along back
♦Pale face resembling a doll's
♦Slanted, narrow mint-colored eyes
♦Pale eyelashes
♦Small button nose, pouty lips
♦Silky blonde hair that fades to light brown
♦Long elflike ears

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Smiling Track.

Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^