The name is ivy , her name is luna, my name is ivy luna

-luna-'s picture
and yes my name is ivy luna, that are my two names
with a different lastname (most people think that luna my lastname is)
the blue sketch is me , the green one a doe,
I know it's a bit unusual to put a drawing / picture of yourslef on this site
but I wanted to do anyway

I hope you like it ! Smiling

Unusual but greatly

Unusual but greatly appreciated, your art is great!
You did such a great job on both but I especially give you kudos for the self portrait, human faces are tricky.
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Oh wow. Both of them look

Oh wow.
Both of them look really good!
Very lovely. ^^

This is beautiful. i wish i

This is beautiful. i wish i could draw people half as good as this <3

Wow! 8D Very beautiful~

Wow! 8D Very beautiful~

Beautiful! You have skill!

Beautiful! You have skill! Thank you for posting!