Nala...and others soon (1st person photos)

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Here are some photos i promised dear Nala:)
I have a few others in here..i know i saw Rowan...and im not sure who else but i will put those up when im done.
I also need to give my deer some attention. Hes all lonely and sad by himself. He needs things for him too.
And i still want to PAPARAZZZZIIII :3
OHOHOHOH and...if youd like to request some of your dear...go ahead and ask. i honestly dont mind.Smiling I dont have college til the 21st and no major photoshoots so i have the time:)
I still need to catch up on the drawings but i barely draw as it is>__<



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Thanks, there beautiful<3

Thanks, there beautiful<3 Smiling
Nala, the kind and oh so playful little butterfly doe.

Wowie! These are super

Wowie! These are super pretty!
Aren't editting screenshots FUNN? Laughing out loud

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VERY PRETTY! 8D I saw you in


I saw you in the forest, I was running up to you, and then, you fell to sleep and left :<


These are so pretty O: <3

These are so pretty O: <3 I'll have to catch you sometime!~