Morning Pictures 3-19-08

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I managed to take a few good ones today, including some of that ham black deer... as much as others may not like him, he's absolutely not camera shy and offers a few good shots at that.

now to start, this is a bit of an old picture, but I love the pelt.... sadly I don't know who this deer is, but lovely posing

Stuck in the cage, lol, naw, these the deer looking sad was rather friendly, trying to get around to every deer and when one went to sleep, the deer always seemed sad like it lost a playmate. I'd love to know the names of the deer in the picture, it's always good to know these things ^^;

ahhh, the deer-ham, he stood up on a rock yelling at someone else... who? I don't know, as always, I wasn't paying attention ^^; I'm sorry whoever it was. I might say though, I absolutely love the listen pose, any deer standing like that looks so brilliant if you ask me, like a statue, you know.

Scape is wonderful to the camera don't you think. I'm pretty sure he was fending off a nameless deer and then proudly walking off once the nameless ran off.

Lol, I saw Trois doing this on the pond and I had to take a picture. Trois ENDFAWNing

I have no clue who this deer is either (he has to be someone prominent with that zombie mask). He posed for me wonderfully though!
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Truthfully, I don't know

Truthfully, I don't know what I was doing then. ^^;
And that last deer with the zombie mask is Quamar. =]