Name » Morag
Meaning » 'great' in gaelic
Other Names » little ghost

Picto »
Looks Like » a hill under still sky

Gender » female
Age » young fawn

Personality » Morag is the complete opposite of her hyperactive brother ; she likes to be still ad quiet, often spending hours just listening to the forest. She is shy, extremly so, and finds other deer far too scar to approach; even other fawns have her running in panic. She watches other deer, too nervous o approach and too scared to stay when approached - but she likes to watch them at play. Morag is also very respectful of the Twin Gods [she remembers her mother telling her about them; she said that Morag and her brother were special, since they were twins too] and, despite her fear of others, she has often spent time running about and spreading the devout pelt amongst sleeping deer.
History » Morag and her twin brother, Murchen, have only a couple of memories of their parents. Morag barely remebers their father; just that he was huge and scary, but alwas ver gentle around her. She remembers their mother better than Murchen, having barely left her side since birth. But their parents left when they were fawns; the twins woke up one morning alone, and never saw them again. This abandonment only made Morag's fear and shyness worse, but Murchen became her parent figure and made sure she was never in real danger.

Likes » sitting in secluded part of the forest; watching others; playng in the pond; long grass.
Dislikes » other deer; being chased; open spaces; butterflies.

Favourite place » the bowl valley with the blue flowers
Favourite game » not one for games

Pleased to meet anyone and everyone I'm Breathnach [pronouced bron-noch]
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She's adorable! <3

She's adorable! <3