Mask Concepts [Doodle]

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Before I go to bed here's some mask concepts I doodled on paint.

Gosh!! I really like your

Gosh!! I really like your style.. And you know, Paint is actually pretty cool, not to mention nostalgic af

April Fools mask be like
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I like the horns concept,

I like the horns concept, it's inspiring. There aren't many antler spells that look robust.
"Hands" too, it's unique, I'd wanna see it ingame. And the rest of them are good ideas.
Keep at it, I wonder what you'll think up next.

"Like this but better", heh I feel ya, we've all been there.
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@FishBiscuit a a a Thank you

@FishBiscuit a a a Thank you so much!! And I agree, Paint gets a bad rep but its really fun to use if you wanna just quickly sketch something out
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@Uitleger Yeah I think having

@Uitleger Yeah I think having more thicker horns would be neat like bulls moose and buffalo! For the hands I actually wanted to somehow put the full statues on them but linked together in hands but I couldnt really fit it onto the face while making it look nice, lolol thank you!!
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I love the face wings mask so

I love the face wings mask so much
by saturnia

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@Witcher Thank you! It was

@Witcher Thank you! It was what inspired me to start up this concept doodle dump in the first place!