Lyrical Dancing in the forest

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... to ABBA.


Well, it seems my player insists I learn to dance to music rather than just randomly... so she's been playing ABBA music on her laptop at the same time I'm in the forest. I actually don't mind... it's often great music to dance to. Soooooo guys, if yua see me randomly emoting to myself and dancing, it's practacing to music. |D One day I'll do a performance to one of the songs or two, once I get set on some moves. I also won't mind teaching others the moves so they can join in for a sort of community mini abio. I'll perform on the flat rock in the playground... and there I'll also teach steps I've figured out to those who want to learn.

Songs with dances being worked on for - *'s on best progressed

Mama mia
Voulez vous** (I'll probably write out steps soon)
gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight)*
Knowing me knowing you
Dancing Queen*
Take a chance on me*
Super trooper*
Lay all your love on me*
Money Money Money
Does your mother know

Hopefully I'll make one of these into a video for everyone's entertainment...
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Hehehe, that sounds very

Hehehe, that sounds very interesting. And fun.

Sounds fun! Would you like

Sounds fun! Would you like to join the Twins in their dances sometime too? C:
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sure! =D That would be more

sure! =D That would be more than awesome!