Lady Luck Readings: Yasu's Tarot

Past: it's represented by a major arcana card. The World. These cards are very powerful. Something of great significance. The card though... it's reversed. Upside-down.
The major arcana card, the world, on a good day, signified beginnings and endings, and in turn, birth and completion. On this day though, the reversed world was saying that romantically, in the past, you were met with stagnation. The inability to move forward from something. Someone? It is telling me that you were met with the inability to be flexible, and mutable in the face of change. Unable to let go and move on. You may have missed out on exciting ventures and changes because of this heady mindset. I can tell that you are fairly sheepish and shy at times, maybe you wasn't necessarily reluctant to change in an aggressive manner, but rather, passively. The major card can also be saying that you are unable to grow [up] romantically, and you are beginning to orbit in ever decreasing circles around the subject. All things considered, that's in the past. Unless the next card reveals a continuation of your nature, it shouldn't be much to worry about. Right?

Present: your present is illustrated by yet another upside-down card.
What sat there, staring at the sky, were the ten pentacles. It is not a major arcana card, so it does not have a specific meaning across the board, but anywho... the ten. In it's position, it warns of lack of support from blood lines, or family matters. The pentacles are always fickle like that. Always materialistic-- and with that, the card speaks of some sort of inheritance getting in the way of things. I heard a name in your whispering. Hermes? Hercules? Something of the sort, and perhaps you or her lover had familial issues. Possessive parents, or perhaps ones that tried to steer you in opposite directions? The ten pentacles also mention outdated family rituals that are dwindling or restricting younger generations from branching out. This could potentially cause you or your partner to feel suffocated, or worlds apart. The present in your romantic life looks strained.

Future: what sat in the place of your future were the seven pentacles. It was sitting upright, unobscured. This is a card that represents more hope. In the future, any hard work that you put into your romantic life will pay off. Significantly. It won't be exactly where you want it to be because there are external strains from all directions, and so many moving parts to your life, but just like self-improvement, you will always find reward in striving for only the best in yourself, and in turn, your relationships. These seven pentacles are saying that true commitment will reward great dividends. It also speaks of potential expansion and success from your romance. The card, in all it's glory, is really very simple. It is, in it's most honest self, the very meaning of positive payoff.
I think you will prosper, friend Yasu, but please, never forget to keep working hard. Keep moving forward. If I can teach you anything about the pentacles, it's that nothing is for free. You must keep working for it. Promise me that if, and when, this romance of yours pulls through, you will tell me. I'm just a sucker for romance, you see!