Lady Luck Readings: Para's Tarot

Past: This upside-down card, the hermit. In your general past, the hermit says he has shown obstinacy, and refusal to face certain problems that he knows have been partially created by his own attitude. As a suggestion, you should resist resentment for someone or something. Resist anger. Look for meaningful solutions rather than avoidance tactics. The hermit is a major arcana card, so he speaks as truthfully as he can. Perhaps you hold something against someone. Considering the Tarot card represents separation; have you lost someone, dear Para?

Present: Represented by the upright page of cups, your present is apparently governed by your feelings, as opposed to external forces. The page of cups says you are emotional and intuitive at this time. This leaves you to feel insecure about your being. You should seek reassurance and support in these times, as it will ease that underlying vulnerability.

Future: Here is where it gets a little foggy, and so-so. The eight of swords is presented. It suggests that you will be without pride when you fall. A streak of bad luck may consume your spirit, and the breakdown will be without grace. You need to find it within yourself to continue seeking support from the ones who care. Based on how this card presents itself, it may mean that in the present, you have refused to accept and ask for that re-assertion of your being, leading to the future downfall. In other words, it's a double edged sword. Wield it wisely, snow leopard. You must clarify your thoughts and seek certainty to be released from the trap of panic that may be bestowed upon oneself.