Lady Luck Readings: Braam's Crystal Ball

Finding Otis:
There's a lot of glass in this place. Broken glass. I saw bottles of medicine. The air stung my eyes, and my lungs. The smell of something toxic... maybe peppermint. No. Then it could be tasted in the air. Alcohol of a very strong kind-- the kind used to disinfect wounds. It made my stomach turn badly. There was blood. I saw tubes, spilled liquid, like a thick mucky water. Oh, I could see the floor Braam! I thought it was stone-- no, it was concrete, I was wrong. There came new characters, presenting themselves. It was a human wearing a white coat, and another one wearing a black uniform. I didn't know who is who, because their faces were blurry. I saw a bunch of new humans cleaning up messes. All the broken glass was gone, and the mucky liquid too. Braam, I saw a creature that looks like you. It's tiny though, and a different colour, floating in a big glass jar.
Then the ball went sort of inky, spilling a few last images, that basically just portrayed a broken tie between Braam and the vision. They were unrelated now. The beast was free. I'll take that as a sign that Otis is not looking for you anymore, friend Braam. He unfortunately found another creature to torture. Did this vision make sense to you at all?