Lady Luck Readings: Baldur's Palm

The Heart Line: his is rather short, and curved upwards. It indicates that he has little to no romantic life, or no interest in it. It says, however, that when it comes down to it, Baldur is very expressive of his emotions with the ones he loves, and open about those feelings he has. He is no trick, regardless of if it were his face or his lips that tell his emotions-- he cannot hide them.

The Head Line: deep and long. It indicates clear thinking, and when presented a task, he remains focussed on it. A trick of the light presents itself though, when the line appears to be slightly broken, which could mean inconsistent thought. A paradoxical feature to the first indication of the line.

The Life Line: this line reveals itself to be very long, and deep, and more than one shows itself on Baldur's thick palms. It shows vitality, and then some. He is lucky with long life. The life line is also straight and close to edge of the palm which emphasizes his wariness about love in his life at this point.

The Fate Line: last, but not least, this diagonal, to-the-right crease breaks and changes in directions on it's way down to his wrist. Through his life, he will be prone to many changes from external forces. That may be his interactions with others, but as far as this line tells, his fate will not be his own fault.

As an addition: Those long claws signified kindness and loyalty to others' secrets; he is one to trust, even if he doesn't feel like it.