Lady Luck Readings: Argus' Tarot

Past: It appears that in your past, the card has decribed your efforts as a fruitless fight, due to the five of swords. You have lost something there. Something in your love life, or with your loved ones was better to walk away from. It calls you courageous for this journey of separation in your past.

Present: The king of swords is a spiteful and formidable opponent right now. He is devious and unafraid to weild power against you; unafraid to ruin the connection between you and your loved ones. His appearance here is a sure warning to remove yourself from a potentially damaging relationship, if you have any, and as far as I can suggest, consider abandoning further plans with that someone who is toxic to you. This is a tricky card because the king or swords is especially unlikely to show himself, and when he does, he is cunning. He acts very quickly, and hastily slays his victims. Be careful, friend Argus! You would fare well to abide the Tarot, especially on matters involving the unforgiving king of swords.

Future: the right-side-up king of wands. Heed the warning of the king of swords, and you'll be embraced by the king of wands in your future. The king of wands is the very last card in the deck. He is forgiving, fatherly, and understanding. He will win you good friends and ties through emotional maturity. Be wise like this king. Sometimes self sacrifice, like exiling toxic connections for the benefit of your emotional health, is the best. The king here is friendly and non-domineering; his general influence can reveal an aspect of your personality that shows you are handling your love life with strength and compassion.