Lady Deer

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My little concept art... Feathers, white mask with red lips... just lady Laughing out loud
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LOVE IT! We need the

We need the feathers at least, but we need the mask too!
Feathers can be unisex (sort of), but the mask might be turned down for being definately female. Not that that's the point though, the point is I love the design. SmilingLaughing out loud
I am Liëka.
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Very... feminine!

Very... feminine! Smiling
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Oooooh ooh ooh, girly deer!

Oooooh ooh ooh, girly deer! What did you use to colour these? The flowy-ness is absolutely wonderful! And those feathers are amazing~ <3

I LIKE THE PINK HOOVES Laughing out loud
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Thank You I used

Thank You Laughing out loud I used watercolours Laughing out loud