La Luna

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The moon seems cool, but the night is sultry.
sparkling flies dancing on the water and lowering it gald.
Fog creeping over the edge and through the trees, you sleeping next to me and dreams about green the plains and vegetated forests.
The silver light falls on your face and streel your hair , my dear star, sleep well.


sorry, sometimes is the language is not good Smiling

Very nice job on a very

Very nice job on a very difficult pose! You didn't sacrifice in the facial expression department either!
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I love the poetry, even

I love the poetry, even though your english isn't all that awesome. But I think that's what gives it's charm!! Luna looks very fluffy Smiling I really like that tail, and nice anatomy!

--Stays a lonely Seele
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it looks a bit like a

it looks a bit like a lullaby as you do it sing with a melody, is it beautiful. :3