Just a Triangle to Me is Deermuda

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Ever since I heard of it, I was trying to find out how to make 'Deermuda' work fun and amusing glitches on my whim. At first I thought it was a triangle of tree stumps I found, so I thought "Ah! This must be where this whole Deermuda thing is!". I lied down in my bed for a short while, changing between letting my eyes catch some rest, and seeing if anything strange happened in the triangle.

For one second, when my deer had finally went into dreaming of what was happening to other deer in the forest, I saw a blue-topped, black-bottomed screen with a gradient in the middle. I didn't catch that picture, but I saw something I haven't seen before in this game.


Candles everywhere.

The placement of the candles makes me think "Well, why haven't I seen this before?". Some candles were put just wherever on places, while some added emphasis that I think I missed before.

Some time later, I read a topic on Deermuda and learned that what I thought was Deermuda wasn't an official one by other forum goers. They had never even talked about it.

The Deermuda was by the rocks and formed by gray tree stumps (or maybe strange stones).

I was waiting for anything strange to happen, but I wound up just waiting. The only strange I could say I saw was a deer running half-way through a rock.

Not much of interest. But I think I'll keep on trying until I finally see something like the posts I've heard about. Good night.
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It does tend to move about,

It does tend to move about, any three vessels of energy can be used.

candles are nothing special

candles are nothing special you probably seted on: "Observe other deer when resting" and you just kept looking at other deer
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That's nice Vipmia, but just

That's nice Vipmia, but just to let you know - we don't bump that old posts here.
People tend to view it as sort of annoying. Nothing against you, I did that too when I was new but we don't normally do that. c: