-introduction part 2-

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so since it'll be hard to achieve Lucius's look on the actual game cause i ain't got time for that, i'm making another character in his family.

name: Kyo

agender but male upfront

13,005 years old (adult)

he has the koi pelt (white, black, and orange) and stark white antlers

favorite place: the pond

favorite spell: shapeshift enchantment

belongings: Kyo wears the long mask that was handed down by the gods and goddess of the forest. besides that he often adorns his antlers with periwinkles

scent: sunlight, warm water, and periwinkles

aesthetic: fish, water, sunlight, the color orange

dwelling: he often just hangs out by the pond or by the statues

catchphrase: -blessings be unto you-

Kyo is Lucius's older brother. http://endlessforest.org/community/introduction-11