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Ulysses! .... and holy crap that is a LARGE picture! Sorry about that. I thought it would be smaller XD

Name: Ulysses
(Pronounced like You'll-iss-E's)
Nickname(s): None right now....
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown but he acts adult-like
Coat Color: Dark Greyish Blue...his legs are white, ears and tail are black
Eye Color: Golden
Words that describe Him: Gentle, thoughtful, curious, protective, sensitive, odd, sarcastic, loving, mature, casual....
Family: Father is unknown. Mother abandoned him after her third son was born leaving Ulysses to take on the parenting role. He has two brothers named Sibrand and Ugo.

I named Ulysses after the great General-In-Chief, Ulysses S. Grant. Plus, when I watch 'Jeopardy!' for any answer I don't know I just shout out "ULYSSES!!!!!" Sticking out tongue

Ulysses seems almost Bipolar sometimes. He can the sweetest boy in the forest and turn into a terrible mess in the blink of an eye! But don't worry. He usually keeps control of himself and tries to use good manners. Ulysses likes to watch over fawns like they are his own siblings and enjoys keeping them company. Sometimes when other deer approach he gets a little aggressive and maybe a bit too protective. He doesn't mean to, it's just an automatic response. It' normal to him XD

When I discussed with my friend about Ulysses she asked about his sexual orientation and honestly I don't think he really cares. If you love someone you love someone. Simple Smiling ... I think.

So what do you think of Ulysses? I'll put up some concept arts of his brothers Sibrand and Ugo some day...

What a lovely character.

What a lovely character. <3
and what a lovely drawing O.O in fact, I think I'm in love with it. And I love his expression xD
/too much love here.
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It's almost like you used

It's almost like you used soft pastels. It's interesting. (Unless you actually did.. |D; )
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Oh he looks so adorable

Oh he looks so adorable <3... Lovelovelove his face. And his description is really nice as well. I agree with him on the if you love someone you love someone! Yes, he sounds adorable.
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Thank you, guys! I appreciate

Thank you, guys! I appreciate it Smiling
Actually, I just took a picture of my original drawing and used Picnik (photo editing website) for the text and coloring Sticking out tongue

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I hope for him to be the

I hope for him to be the great role modal for all the little fawns out there! xD
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Awhawww he looks so

Awhawww he looks so perplexed; what a sweet face he has!

You should put up more

You should put up more drawings, I'd love to see more :'D (and if you'll someday take request, let me know, yes? 8D)