Impire Empire Pending Come Join...bring your best riddles

The deer near the blue bonnet grotto surrounded by large aspen trees slowly meandered among the flowers till they each found a spot to look out from. The ivy had grown so much over the last year from some angles it made the tree appear as a conifer. The day had been especially taxing as the red crossed hare mask deer repeatedly charged up the hill at the twin gods. Formed as a brigade with impish intensity they assaulted the twin gods to make some point only the imp deer know. For a time the forest sound became impire with chortles, gurgles, tricksters and wanderers frolicking around. Impire Empire lead the days with belly laughs( deer falls backwards and wriggles almost a sexual invite but not quite just a good tease) and while meditating and contemplating.... well deer fell out of the trees. So for a time we had Raindeer all around the pond daily. They would sit up in the tree branches or the fortune cookie shaped leafage waiting. Once under the tree you could not see them so you learned to get on top of a mound or another deer and look first. Then the imp deer learned to fly. dropping down a bit they would chase you into the forest. In mass at least eleven of them would group, fall to the ground on their backs and do the wriggle. If you came near by they would hop up.and neck snuggle. After a few moments all would begin to dance. Like Hotel California you could not leave till the head deer said so. You danced and danced and danced. The imp deer would take over so much almost all the deer present in the fores would dance all at once like some magical spell in some fairy deer land set in motion by one innocent fawn exploring out of curiosity. I being from a major imp family chose to run around most gleefully defying having a mentor deer after capture. I would then sit in the twin gods twirling endless circles in a solo dance twerking my deer cheeks with a reverse skitter humming some quirky tune that imps love for its cleverness It was midnite on the ocean not a box car was in site 2 dead deers in the graveyard and they began to fight. The deer police on the corner heard that awful noise ...they ran over there and killed those two dead deer. Ha!

In case you do not know Hotel California video of the words