I need a vote! (new baddie!)

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Something I had been considering is introducing another baddie that would not necessarily join the Deadly Trio. In fact, it would be the same species as Iugulare (but would appear as a different animal than a stoat), and had landed on Earth a long time ago. When it finally finds the Endless Forest, Iugulare becomes bitter that there is another infectious alien on the planet, and the two start to become rivals.

I may start that up pretty soon, it may either be a story or a RP.

I was trying to think of another animal that is considered sly or sneaky like a stoat or a weasel is (what Iugulare is), but it doesn't necessarily have to be that. It could essentially be any kind of animal.

I also was considering it landed on the planet close to one of the poles, so it is more accustomed to cold weather and thus may be more familiar with colder animals. But that's not a requirement. I'd really like the animal to be white or albino.

As far as personality, it will act similarly to Iugulare in the fact that it wants to dominate the world, but it will be more calm and collected where Iugulare is more rash and impatient.

And as always, one of my favorite themes may pop up ~ Quad and Iugulare teaming up to fight a common foe.

So here are the animals I had in mind so far, but feel free to suggest other animals:

Alright so we got...

1 - goat
0 - fox
0 - polar bear
0 - horse
1 - lion
5 - boar/warthog
7 - snowy owl
2 - snake
1 - opossum
1 - numbat
1 - red river hog
2 - aardwolf
1 - north american cacomistle
3 - fossa
1 - penguin
1 - Archaeopteryx

So please comment what animal you think my new baddie would be great as. Or if you have a different suggestion, please feel free to share!

We decided on a snowy owl! Thank you all for the help!

Now we're trying to decide on a name and whether this character should be male or female...

And whether they should have scales too to make them more like some weird snake/owl hybrid XD
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Weeee drippy owls are drippy!

Weeee drippy owls are drippy! Thank you X3!!