i dont know how to login

Hey. well, im new and just got in the game and i noticed im not a fawn, and so, i went to network and it didnt have a login button? idk how its supposed to work. so i turned off automatic login and it said: error
i turned it back on and it also said error. please help. i really want to play with other deer but im not connected so i cant. idk how to login in. idk if its the version or something (i have the new version) but i need help. - thanks from Olivia EDIT: ok so i noticed there is a connect button, but every time i click it it says error. what should i do?
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Wait for the game to connect

Wait for the game to connect automatically. THEN the login in fields for username and password will appear. If you cannot connect, it means that you have a connection problem due to your network.

Sometimes just waiting will be enough to let it connect.

thanks. turns out it took a

thanks. turns out it took a while for it to load. this really helped. hope to see you soon in the game!
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when I click on the game it

when I click on the game it just plays and I am not a fawn, I cant figure out why but my name(symble) above my head isnt there!...can you help me?...the log in wont pop up!