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oh look a player thing
Fair warning, this blog contains swearing

Current Song of whenever-I-remember-to-update-this

Amarante - Into The Dark

~ Previous songs ~

Adrian Von Ziegler - Song of Brotherhood

Wardruna - Gibu

Starset - Carnivore

The Eden Project - Crush

Digital Daggers - Come Crashing

~ I have been very absent for such a long time. I don't know if I'll ever fully be back. For now I've removed most of my characters bios.
Though, I am nearly always available for contact on my Deviantart ~

~ Shi -
~ She/They -
~ 18 -
~ England, UK -
~ Bisexual ~
~ 5'6" -
~ Green-blue hair -
~ Brown eyes -

~ DeviantArt user is NecromanticOwl -
~ Insta is cantsleepcantbreathe -
~ Ask about Discord account -

~ My Ginger Grumpyface. He's a nice boo really, just nervous. Not very playful but very open to in-forest interaction -

~ Calahan's papa. Slightly less grumpyfaced. Fat, Lazy and a massive dope. Loves fawns, always open for in-forest interaction -

Elliott / 'Kascane'
~ Mister scatty-Francypants-Vampire. He's hyper, scatterbrained and bouncy, but also shy. His in forest behavior may be very erratic at times, not so good at the concentrating thing, but he's open for interaction nonetheless -

OOC durr / Penguin
~ Full ooc deer. Not really much to say about 'im. Peace-loving and a little awkward, likes chasing frogs -

~ All of my characters not listed here can be considered inactive. These are just the main ones I plod around in-forest with occasionally -
~ Please note that 90% of the time I play, I play with Pictograms OFF. For this reason We may not recognize you / your character straight away, or at all :I sorry 'bout that -
~ I also do not roleplay on site due to having muse that is like raking mice -
~ None of my characters above are really hostile though. For the most part everyone is safe to just hang out with! Feel free to come say hi if you see us -
~ Words words words and more words -
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Not sure on the size of the

Not sure on the size of the text. Might be too tiny for some peoples' screens. Let me know if it is and I'll take it up a size or two~
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<3 Yes.

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