How do you do this??

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How do you go in to first persons mode? Sticking out tongue I red how to do it earlier on the support forum, but I didn't quite get it, feel like explaining this do me? xD
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but i was reading on here,

but i was reading on here, and i cant remember who said it..but...
You go into your TEF folder..
so like..programs...tale of tales..

then go to the ENGINE folder.
then next go to the USER INPUT folder.

now this is where you get 1st person..
you RENAME or DRAG the file UserInputForFollowCam.cgr so like call is mUserInputForFollowCam.cgr
if you drag it..put it on your desktop and just put it back when youre done

its awesome but crazy cause you cant see well of where youre going. nor can you look up or around...ITS CRAZY. but...AWESOME!

i hope i helped Smiling