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you know what? ive been thinkin... and...

i wanna write a few short stories |D

I KNOW I KNOW. its been friggin FOREVER since i last wrote something for Dr. Clock...

but i feel like my other deer have been kinda... untold. i mean, Skokey got his own giant story, my main project, and its over! you know what its like to have a big project totally finished? you feel SO WEIRD afterwards XD

Fulu didnt get much of a story, but not much happened in her life. she was born, she was raised by Jayla, she met Skokey, she worried about Skokey, Jayla died, she lived with Skokey, and thats about it. and I DONT EVEN WANNA THINK of going back to write about the whole Darcy Wyvern Fulu triangle again. that was something im pretty sure i dont want to go over again, too many things happened at once >_<

Vessel... i started on his story, but kinda... dropped it XD not much happens there either. he was born, abandoned, raised by the Twin Gods, and then made some friends. AND THEN HAD A BABY*shot*

but you know, a lot of my characters are still in the dark. Clock, Tropa, Bellsio (especially Bellsio XD)... i think thats it? XD even Cerelia (thats a definite maybe, i wouldnt want to get too inaccurate with her)

they would be in parts, not chapters. kinda like The Dream Watcher, only written like Hanging Flowers. avid readers, you know what i mean XD

so... my real question is who should i start first? WELL WHO CARES, im going in this order XD


CLOCK. But Tropa is friggin'


But Tropa is friggin' epic. Gingerbread frog ftfw. C: <3