[hey girls] Mustang's bio

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Mustang is sick right now and will lie down and drink water alot

Name: Mustang


curent feelings/thoughts: Sick/ im soo tired

age: young adult

gender: stag

deers he has met: Kypton curies about

friends: none

close friends: none

Family: Father: Eldorado. half sister: Messy

Mate/love: single [hey girls]



he will flirt with any doe he meets and gives them flowers protect them

(maybe be a little agressive to other stags)


loves playing around two of his favorite games is: Fight for fun and run across the forest


he is a friendly stag


beautiful aren't they? i think they are the most wonderful thin in the world


well if i get one i hope i will be a better dad than my father

fan art?
none yet

you are welcome to make a fan art of Mustang and my other deers