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Hello everyone,

I haven't really been able to come online for a while because of this storm that hung over our house for days, but now I'm back and I can finally add a diary entry! =D

I'm sure I've seen most of you in the forest some time or another, I be the frisky white one who can't stand still! X3 And no, my picture is not very good, but I can't seem to get rid of it, it's been a couple of days now and it won't delete itself...I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. I also seem to meet such nice stags and does while I'm in the forest, but my friendliest experience would have to be when I met Her, she was so sweet! <3

Hope to see you all in the Forest, I'll be sure to take a bow!

This wonderful screencap was taken by Halogen,
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*gasp* Her?! *sits and

*gasp* Her?! *sits and watches Her admiringly* My new mentor is so wonderful in every way, *continues to admire Her...* =3
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Her and 21 are sweethearts

Her and 21 are sweethearts in the forest.
lol, I always look at Her as being like, the fashionista mommy (Her always looks good, lol, I can't even sport that butterfly pelt, I think it makes my cheeks chubby) and then 21 as the mommy that does crazy things with you (lol, if you jump with 21 in circles she starts playing with you more and you can chase her and things, lol)