Grim - Look at how Majestic I am!

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Grim, on his first day as a stag. Now he just needs to settle into a set so I can do a new picture of him.
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FJAK L: F JKLA: do you have a deviantART fjdksal jfkdlas?! ?!?!?!11

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Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
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I can only say what Her has

I can only say what Her has already said, so I shall just oogle instead.
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Wow...thanks! I'm not sure

Wow...thanks! I'm not sure I've ever made anyone faint before. *blink* I swear, I put antiperspirant on this morning!

Alas, I no longer have anything on my DA account, as a result of their stranglingly greedy TOS. I only skimmed it myself, but my business prof had a look at it at someone else's request and went on a rant about how awful it was. (The essence of DA's TOS is that once uploaded, you give them rights to reproduce any of your work, even your bio information in part or in whole via any known or even UNKNOWN media for free.) So, though I very much doubt they'd be using anything out of my former gallery, I don't particularly like handing over full rights to my work for nothin'. *wrinkles nose* But that's my DA rant... in a few weeks time my own website will be up and running... with luck. *laugh*

I noticed that too!! I was surfing around various blogs last night, gawking at all the prettiness. There are some seriously talented people hereabouts. *grin*
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You've got amazing skills

You've got amazing skills O_O
The only thing I can say is : Respect ! Laughing out loud

THAT IS AMAZING. You have an

THAT IS AMAZING. You have an amazing talent there! I tend to shy away from DA, I may use it someday, but I can't understand how the thing works! I am so dim sometimes o.o
keeep on posting I want to see more of your lovely drawings <333