The Great Dream Stag

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I have been reading Neil Gaiman's The Sandman lately, and I love it. I was struck with some inspiration to draw the main character, Morpheus, as the sleeping deer in our forest may see him. This is a rather rough sketch, but it's one of those things that feel as if they just need to come out before one goes crazy. Eye

Morpheus (as he is in the comic) is seen and described as thin, dressed in Midnight, and with eyes like shining stars. The eyes are different colors at different times.

I imagined him to be more spindly, though. I'm just getting back into drawing pleasure drawing after years of doing nothing other than what I did for an elective last semester, so I'm still having trouble getting back into it. I based this form on how Morpheus appeared in "The Dream of a Thousand Cats."

Maybe another Sandman fan will be inspired to make something awesome after seeing this. Eye
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ooh melikes those antlers!

ooh melikes those antlers! *adds The Sandman to list of books worth reading*

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Thanks! Yes, I definitely


Yes, I definitely recommend The Sandman. It's the thinking person's graphic novel.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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'Twould indeed be an

'Twould indeed be an interesting pelt were it put into full production...
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Black pelts have been vetoed

Black pelts have been vetoed already. They look like giant holes in the game.