A glimpse at the Tin Deer

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Hi Everydeer!

Those of you who've pledged are wondering what the Tin Deer is all about. I don't generally draw the pelts and masks before I make them, so I was wondering how I could show you something before the campaign to support The Endless Forest ends on December 27th.

I decided it's simplest just to show you some renders of the work in progress!
It's not done yet of course, and how it will be textured I leave up to your imagination for the moment. He's kinda got a goggles and horns semi-steampunk thing going on. Eye

If we can get enough to remake the game in Unreal engine, there are so many cool things we can do texture-wise that are simply not possible in the 2005 game engine the Forest is in now. We can make metal look like metal! We can make things *really* glow! We can have amazing particle effects! I look forward to making stuff that goes beyond all our dreams, makes them real!, and then makes us dream new dreams!


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" makes them real!, and then

" makes them real!, and then makes us dream new dreams!"
I'm all for it.

Lovely design.

Glowing and particle effects,

Glowing and particle effects, you say? Very tantalizing. Hope we can make it to the remake!

The antlers and mask are amazing and I'm so curious to know what the whole set looks like with textures.
Thanks for sharing a sneak peak with us, Auriea!
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oh my yes

oh my yes
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beautiful horns!

beautiful horns!

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more trumpets for this

more trumpets for this forest! ha.

that mask!♥

that mask!♥
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Mm, Lookin' good.

Mm, Lookin' good.
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Mmm, yass. ♥

Mmm, yass. ♥
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Uh, yes! Absolutely love

Uh, yes! Absolutely love those antlers and mask, wow!
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looking really good so far!

looking really good so far! really excited to see what the new engine is capable of!
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The fact you want to do this

The fact you want to do this in unreal engine makes me more excited than you can imagine. I use to watch UE videos and just..omgosh i hope this goes through.
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By jove thats a brilliant set. Very excited to see it textured - more importantly, if we can get it unreal Laughing out loud
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This is beautiful! secretly

This is beautiful!

secretly i am a huge fan of steampunk hnnnnggg this is a dream come true
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Might be a good idea to post

Might be a good idea to post that on the Indiegogo page, too - I think it'll encourage people to donate after seeing some additions/progress? c:

Those antlers! aaaaaaaahhhhhh

Those antlers!
aaaaaaaahhhhhh I don't know what account I want this set applied to
maybe one I'm not using now
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Woah... That's looking

Woah... That's looking amazing. I would also love to see some visual upgrades made in the new engine. What program did you use for this?
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Oh I really like this

Oh I really like this semi-steampunk design ♥
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I'm SO EXCITED for the

I'm SO EXCITED for the prospect of 'Unreal' rendered textures!!! Antlers and masks made of wood having visible grain, maybe in the future, would be so cool.

Did somebody say

Did somebody say trumpets?

Hyping for trumpets — once again?
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doot doot

doot doot

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Wonder if this mask is gonna

Wonder if this mask is gonna have a special noise.