Ghost Stag - Version 2

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I like this set! It's very

I like this set! It's very ethereal.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]

Mmmm..That mask is simply

Mmmm..That mask is simply delicious! :]
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That's simply awesome,

That's simply awesome, Ghost! I'd definately wear that set if it got used in TEF. Smiling
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this is 2 beautiful ! Really

this is 2 beautiful Exclaim! Really amazing Exclaim
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

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absolutly beautiful! are

absolutly beautiful! are those actual antlers in teh game?

ever since I joind TEF I have excepted to be a deer as my second life stile

No, that set isn't in the

No, that set isn't in the game.... I wish it was. =P

Ah its beautiful!

Ah its beautiful!
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*Revives this too*

*Revives this too*

Love this!

Love this!
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Just Gorgeous.

Just Gorgeous.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3