Friends I've made :D

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Four fawns gathered around me! I promised the candy ;P
Naww....those are actually all my accounts in the last pic with the fawns. I got lonely. XD

Well, even if I'm a stag already, I'm still kinda new here....only now am I getting active here on the community, everyone's so nice!
Better than Feral Heart which I just started as well... -__-' There's no bullies...well, at least not by using words to bully...which is a pleasant thing. The quietness of this 'game' is wonderful. Along with the people here X3

Aww, how nice C: And lol

Aww, how nice C: And lol about the last one x'D

May I ask the name of your deer? 'Cause I'll add him/her in Seikins bio, then.

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XD thanks! You can call him

XD thanks!

You can call him Small Fry or Skitzo. Haha
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Haha, hi! X3

Haha, hi! X3

Skitzo? =D Oka, and male...

Skitzo? =D Oka, and male... Gotcha :3 Thankies~