First Entry on Here!

I haven't posted a diary entry in soooo long on the old forum, so I decided to hop on here and make one which I hope I'll consistently update!

Here's some of me hopping and romping around about two days ago. The snow was so pretty. I was running with Adagio (correct me if I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that was her) and an unknown fawn!

Huge picture! But it felt so peaceful running around all willy-nilly in the snow. If only it could stick to the ground!...

Another great shot. I should be, like... A model!

My favorite shot so far. I wish I could make this into a silhouette of sorts to put into my avatar, but I seriously lack in Photoshop skills and have no idea how to use it, ha... Ah well, guess I'll just keep looking at it!

There was a little ceremony on the Playground for Ina/Run, and I was so full of thoughts... And felt very lonely. Sad

From Today:

I came to visit Ina's memorial, and as always, there was a little fawn keeping the flower warm. How sweet; I laid next to Adagio and Twenty-One. I sure miss the twinkling star and candle circle... But the single dandelion still seems precious. Sigh...

Hung out with 21 later on; I love doing this!
(P.S. It's the scared/sniffing combination. Try it sometime! It's sooo cute, I love it. My fave "emote" by far. Eye)

Trois came on!! I was so overjoyed, I shared many nuzzles with him and happy dances. But right as he got on, he immediately went off to sleep... D'aww... I hope he and Jen (and my future son/daughter, maybe!) would come on because I haven't seen them in over a hundred years. : )
(Psst, Trois, I was trying to start a headbutt fight - you know how guys are - but you didn't seem to register! Next time I do that you better show me some toughness ya big lug!! Sticking out tongue)

Look out, we're Charlie's Angels! Actually, I think we were just spying on that fawn over there... He looks mighty suspicious, hmm... I should keep an eye on him!
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Hubba hubba, look at those

Hubba hubba, look at those fine deer at the bottom! xD
The scared/sniff emote is so adorable! I love that.
Beautiful screenies LK!