Fea~ The biography of a spider.

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Unda cut v

(human fea)


General info,

nicknames the spider, ram, long legs
young adult
set beluga antlers, BZD or permadevout pelt, Skull or real deer mask.


Lean skinny body, bigger than most does, dark gray fur color, a light gray underbelly chest and underside of tail, real deer face, female 'ram' horns, expressive eyes, creamy hazel eye color, spidery long legs, an extra pair of front legs, longer hair on spine, withers, floofy but, and chest, longer hair on spine and butt sticks straight up and outwards, Morbid looking, boney, long ear, left ear is ripped off, stud earing in right ear, cat-like eyes, small hooves, floofy tail, black nose.


talkative, smart alec, classy, calm, a little slow, very intelligant, sensual, hard to get, non friendley if she doesn't know you, affectionate, tricky, bossy, tries hard not to fit in.


all family is gone.


born in forest a little after halloween, doesn't know anything about her past.