Falling Stars [Fledermaus]

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Ok! I finished it! It's a little late and I rushed the background a bit but here we have it. I hope I did him justice. His head/face did NOT want to cooperate with me XD He suffered through lots of plastic surgey the poor dear...deer. Hopefully got that all straightened out! Ilikehishair -plays with it-


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sdkfjsdf O_O

sdkfjsdf O_O <3


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Your textures are

Your textures are amazing.

Congratulations, I am jealous. <3
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...how did he end up looking

...how did he end up looking like he was scowling?...-stares at picture-....WTF FLED -smacks- -gives up and goes home crying-
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He doesn't look like he's

He doesn't look like he's scowling. =P I think he looks... intent? Maybe he sees something in the distance and is watching it with mild curiosity? Anyway, this looks wonderful! I love his stripes, and again the lighting in the background is really cool. <3
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<3 !
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M-my god I missed your art so

M-my god I missed your art so much.
Argh Shi, you never cease to amaze me with your huge talent of smooth colors, great anatomy and gorgeous atmospheres in your pieces. Thanks for feeding my eyes <3
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Stunning <333
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Awww he's so cute and klhsglk adsghlkshgl -ruffles hair- AGGHHH it's so awesome, once again. 8'D
The textures just make me want to cuddle them forever. HNNNN THIS MADE MY WEEK 1000 TIMES BETTER. Thank you so so so much. <33333

-jaw falls off and rolls away

-jaw falls off and rolls away somewhere-
Ah, you impress me so...once again.
Great job on this.
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I love your art!!! *0*

I love your art!!! *0*


Oh, wow...

Oh, wow...<33 Wonderful as always. c: