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My Travels; September 1 to September 22

I went on another long leave from the beautiful land of the endless forest. I had been feeling struggled in recent times before my lengthily leave. I felt utterly alone and helpless, friendless too; though I had come to my senses over my leave. That the reality away from the forest was much more violent then our peaceful home. I returned, and upon my returned was greeted by a young fawn. Whom played with me, danced, frolicked happily in the Red Hills; then we rested happily under the old oak. I saw then, that the endless forest is for me. I would not want another home ever other then this land, in which may be little violence; but in which is will be diminished in flames of true justice when tried correctly. I feel the trees and grass gently swaying to me, the Autumn breeze welcoming me, welcoming me home.

August 5 to 22, 2009

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I had vanished from the forest for quite some time, up to my own things for a while. Though I had returned; being the forest such a magical place that it was (and still it!). In a older form of myself, no longer baring a fawn form; I had walked around and started learning more then I had as a cub. My mind open to much more, but had not changed much as I was but still young; and I am still am considerably young to the forest here. Respecting my eder deer as I pass, though at times having a bit of childish fun and casting a spell toward them. Giving encouragement to the youth of the forest with playful stances, dancing with them, and generally staying with them until they wanted to leave. Shy at first to join any large group of walking deer, I grew out of that (yet hold tight to it at times) and now have lightened up. Daily walks around the pond, and hoping silently to catch a rare glimpse of the gods at work, though never successful! I wonder what lays ahead for the next day and beyond that?

June 25, 2009

Returning upon my leave - I found the forest the same. I doubted it would change in one night, I didn't even have the slightest thought it would change - until now. However quickly moving along through the day I personally must say it went by way to fast. I had merely woken up and left my home lands to the endless forest - and dusk and began to come upon the lands of which I trampled happily! This time I was not going home right away. I liked these lands too much - so attached to the growing lands. I found my way towards the pond, passed a few fawn of names I do not know - and continued my route until I reached my destination. A small patch of mushrooms, in a circle. Light barley skimmed the landscape by it. There I curled up, next to it, not directly within in - and slept.

(Could've done better. ;c;)

June 24, 2009

Waking to the sound of rain beginning to drum against the already soggy Earth crust by the pond had frightened me, though moments later alert and running for cover in The Great Oak. Giving myself a few moments to gather breath and curl up - curious of where I was. Though it soon struck me as I remembered the land as The Endless Forest. I had come the other day exploring and leaping about on large stones. I had fallen asleep near the pond? However thoughts went by quick, as my hunger grew ever so more obvious with its vicious growls towards me to feed it. Peeking my head out from the large oak that sheltered my small body, it had appeared the rain eased only slightly. Though that was enough for me, and my stomach most certain, to go graze for grasses and pine cones alike.

Soon enough without much travel, I come upon flowers. Purple in color it appeared, and near to that a large pine, way above my head. A few pine cones bestowed upon me, fallen from the large tree. Grateful for the small feed offered, and I assumed only the twin gods had granted me these. Of which I would have never been able to knock them out of such a large structure. So without a seconds thought I ate them. A favored food if you don't mind, to me at least. Then I thought it only proper to go visit the twin gods, leaping around and heading toward where they sat silent as stone - yet watchful it felt. I laid near, catching a few sunny rays before making my leave back to my mother and father for the time.

(First entry thing, personally, I think I could have done better. 3|)

Bawww <33 n.n I hope to see

Bawww <33 n.n I hope to see you inforest! Laughing out loud And welcome.

-- Dannii <3

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I hope to see you too!

I hope to see you too! =D
And thanks. |3