Dynamite-2009-11-01 (In English)

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When I woke up I felled quite happy. The sun shone through the dense forest and the birds sang happily.
I got up on my legs an ran around in the forest for some time, jumped around and enjoyed the nice weather.
Later, I met a small herd with other deer down at the pond.
I didn't really know if it was a good idea to get close to them but after a while I slowly approached them.
I said hello and then we played a while, we got each other to see ridiculous out in different horns and masks.hälsade och efter det hade vi rätt roligt tillsammans då vi fick varandra att se löjliga ut i olika horn och masker. When more deers came to join us I walked away.
I walked through the forest util I found a nice place to rest, then I laid down and falled asleep

When I woke up again a walked through the forest and met a stag.
At first I did get a bit frightened, but then I understand that he was friendly and didn't want to hurt me.
We jumped around, danced, changed horns on each other and laughed.
After a while we went to nice, cool water in the pond and splashed around.
Two other stags made us company but at that moment I didn't worry.
then my new friend needed to leave, maybe I'll see him again soon..

When I woke up once again I walked towards the old oak. On my way I did see Lemon, but she was sleeping so I continued forwards. When I got to the old oak I saw Nala for the first time. She was very nice towards me and took care of me for a while until a kid suddenly turned up and Nala disappeared, I got very confused of course and a bit frightened but wvwn she turned out to be very nice so I did get calm quite fast. We started to play and she seemed to be a good friend, maybe I'm not so alone any more...