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The biography of Niki

I forgot something D: added another fact about him in the What he is, he is

His name is Niki
And he arrived in to the forest on the 11th of may 2010
He is a young stag, and hopelessly easy for does to spin him around their hooves.

A lady should always be pampered like a queen.

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Words are few and far between, Chestnut


mother once named me, Chestnut.

Nice to meet you.

26.9 a picture, diary entry, and a small rut info at the bottom for those that are interested.

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Rut blog

(I'm only going to make this the barest essentials for now.. I'll update and edit it more later. It shall be pretty! Just you wait!)

It's Willow's first fall in the forest and everyone has gone insane, she feels it too but it confuses her. There is a new need for closeness and stag company.. And the stags have all gone crazy!!
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Willow's new bio

Diary update

Name: Willow leaf "Just Willow is fine, and mother calls me Little leaf"

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Willow's diary 2

(I apologize about any and all grammar mistakes and typo's, I'll fix them when my sister has the time to read the entry and tell me if there are any, but now I'm going to bed it's midnight after all.)

Today was a great one. I met up with my grandfather Virgil and played with three other fawns that had found their way to him. We had a great time, first casting pelt spells on each other and laughing at the strangest colors that have ever grased the forest.

We also made a mad dash to the pond, and to my surprise the run didn't tire me out like it had only a few weeks ago, We also ate pine cones and played dress up with the antlers we got from them. I managed to give my father's antlers to one of the fawns, it was great fun.
I also saw two of the other fawns begin to spar a little.. I think they tried to get me to join in but I had never done something like that in my life.. I declined and went back to the dress up game.

I also found a place at the bottom of the lake that sinks you donw under the water, at first I paniced slightly but it was surprisingly simple to get back up from there.

After a nap at the blueberry field I could hear my adoptive parents in the forest. I was about to split with my exitement to tell them about my day with grandfather that I ran to them as fast as I could, I bounced around them for a while and gave both of them a greeting snuggle. But my exitement was short lived as I found out that my mother was slightly ill.. she couldn't see mee properly.

I felt a strong fear grip my heart. I remember from my time outside of the forest that deers can die of ilnesses. even my father seemed worried. We slowly walked my mother to the nearest shade to let her rest, and she soon fell asleep. Perhaps she would still be okay... I hope.

I talked with my father about the time I spent with grandfather and he smiled at me and was proud of my growth as I told him of my running and swimming.
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Diary entry 1

Little Willow leaf woke up today to the sound of many flapping wings and un natural screeching sound from above her.
She opened her eyes and felt fear settle in her being, it was still dark. perhaps if she closed her eyes again it would be morning. No such luck.

She couldn't fall asleep again, the sound of tiny wings and screeches bothered too much to actually fall into slumber. She looked up towards the sky and saw the many black little bird like creatures flying all around her. She ran.

After hiding into a patch of tall grass to calm down a bit after her ordeal she took time to actually look around her. Giant mushrooms?

Why were there giant mushrooms all around the forest? That wasn't normal. Neither was green scaly pelt of peacoc feathers.

She sat there in the grass for a long while before finally brawing this strange night time forest around her to walk to the pond for a drink.

Some time after this while Willow leaf was walking trough the forest and trying to find a place without those bat creatures to sleep the night away, she was being followed by a stranger.

The stranger (That she later learned to be Zach ) kept following her from a distance, but didn't come closer to her when she hid from him in the grass. and after some careful examining, she finally braved all odds and approached the stag before her.

It was a strange feeling, meeting an adult deer that agreed to play with her. They had a fun time moving about in the forest, and meeting new people felt easier when Willow leaf had someone to hide behind if she was too afraid to come and meet someone.

All in all, Willow leaf made many new friends today, and hopefully they will allow her to run and hide behind them if she ever feels that braving the world is too much for some day.
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Willow leaf's Bio


It all started when willow leaf was born.
She was such a tiny thing when she first opened her eyes to see the world surrounding her. She was smaller than the rest of the fawns and most of the herd's older females said that she wouldn't survive to the winter. And when Willow leaf was old enough to understand and listen, she heard all of this as well.

"You should abandon it before you get attached to it.." some of them said.
"It's still around? make the world a favor and push it in to the river.." said the rest.
"At least the rest of us are safe from predators when she's around.." said the males.

But she showed them all wrong, she survived her first summer. And the winter as well.
But this got some of the females openly hating her, just because she survived, and their fawns didn't.
Everyone told the other fawns not to play with her, but they were a bit late to do that. She wasn't played with very often anyway, just because she couldn't run as long as the others. But she couldn't help it, she just got so tired so soon. But this was merely because of how weak she was when she was born.

She would be as good as the others with time.

That's what her mother said to her.

But all the time in the world didn't feel long enough. So she started to spend time on her own. Imagining things. She created her very own world to have fun in.

This continued for some time, untill the other, stronger fawns decided to play a trick on her. They told her that they had a game where she didn't have to run, and they were one player short. Willow leaf eagerly joined them in their game.

The game was something that humans usually called, hide and seek. But as they were deer, they didn't even know the existance of numbers. So the rule was to wait until a ray of sun hit some stone that everyone had agreed upon.
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