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The old dust blows over; Yumi

Coming soon.
Bringin back my first oc ^^
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My personal blog

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test blog. Ignore.

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Alicia History

Essentially, Project Alice was a project based on the rider's relationship with the horse. The original concept contained sword fighting enemies on your horse and fighting big monster bosses while riding your horse. The idea later evolved into using magic spells instead, which was executed in a similar way to Mariokart. The idea of fighting monsters was scrapped from the original concept as it evolved into the open beta that started in 2011 and closed in 2014. This open beta included horse races in 4 distinct categories: Speed races, ones where you would collect horseshoes to increase the gauge for a racing boost with up to 8 players online in the same racing room; Speed Team races, ones where you could do all this but with a team up to 4 players, also used a bar you would fill up by using racing boosts obtained; Magic races, ones where you'd use magic spells to attack other players or to benefit yourself into reaching the first place; and finally Magic Team races, where you'd throw spells at the enemy team up to victory, with up to 4 players in your team.
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Gift Page; Happy halloween!!

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Very bad on human faces but had to do this girl
 photo Sage_zpsutrik8ir.png A sage C:
Fuck it, this is also my gift page now.
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The rut is nearly over!

So the rut is nearly over ( Monday) I still haven't found a great partner for my pale doe, if anyone is interested in getting to know her better to eventually become her partner?

I have started the rut late ( which was due to not having free time on my hands) I'm more active then I was on my old account and trying to pick up role play more then I did.

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Does someone want this?; lovely art from treedancer


I'm back trying to give this lovely lady a home! if anyone wants her please hit me up on any of my contacts. Full credits for design and artwork go towards tree dancer.

I'm thinking about selling her for 20 pounds? ( Uk currency) Or is that to high for her? Let me know she's open for offers.

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Doodle bleg

fuck it! lets have an axebeAK here
 photo Axebeak_zpsbnolsi4h.png

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All done and dusted.
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Roleplay?; maybe


I'm looking for some roleplay to sink my teeth into, I'm very new to role-playing ( I sometimes get very scared for unknown reasons) I'm really trying to get some of my characters out in the world a bit then I did on my old account.


I'm really just looking for any type of roleplay as long as anyone is comfortable with Rping with my oc? I admit my grammar is crap and I am not so confident in my self or rp at all, But I really want to meet new people and form friendships : )
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