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The best of

Hi everyone! Smiling

Last time I wrote here about my guinea pigs, a half year ago. What a shame! Have to fix that.

On last Saturday (24th March) my blog had unbelievable two years. I chosen the best articles, that Im pride on and posted it on blog. And I remembered this TEF blog, so I decided to let you, TEF guys, know.

THE BEST OF NASE-ZAZITKY.BLOG.CZ IS HERE (CZ; ENG version is not available yet Laughing out loud) -

I know that my English is horrible, so dont be annoyed and have a nice day! Smiling
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My little piggies

Hey guys, it's be a while since I wrote here. Recently, I decided to show you some photos. Some ones was taken by me, some ones was taken by my friend. But most of them is beautiful, even if it's in quite bad quality (that did a server, where the photos are recorded! Sad)

Photos are here -

By the way, if you are CZ, you can read about the main acters on photos over here - and here - Smiling

And if you are really curious, I can send you that photos in high quality, if you ask me. Laughing out loud

Apologize for my English and have a nice day!
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How do I look in the forest?

Unfortunately, the most of pictures are in bad quality, but it rained, so I could resist to shoot.

Check my new look here (CZ) -

Hope you like it Laughing out loud

Apologize for my English and have a nice day Eye
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Club Africa

It's a club of lovers Africa, built by Lai 24th July 2010. She decided to unite lovers of Africa and find people with same interests. Next reason was request from Lara; she asked per substitute for her previous web. And our Lai chosen topic Africa; she wanted to gather her knowledge.

Read more right here (CZ) -
You can also visit club here (CZ) -

Again - I'm sorry for my bad English.

Have a nice day! Eye
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Two first screens

Hey guys! n_n

I snaped two screens when I played TEF with my friend. She was bored, cause I can't decide where she should stay. Pics here -
- It was fun Smiling

Bye, have a nice day!
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Second view of

Wtf, I'm bad in English, so this is bad idea. But I want try it. Please, ignore this XD

Usually I'm on my czech blog - Eye There I'm writing in Czech, because it's my maternal language. This blog was opened 24. March 2010. There was two admins, me and NatiseQ. But NatiseQ wasn't feel fun when she writing to blog. Then she gived me this blog and I was happy.

Read more here (in CZ) -

English users, please forgive me. I can't write in English. Possibly you will understand...

Bye, have a nice day!
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