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Deer comic!

Hi guys, been a while again. I doubt I'll ever return for good but I still check this site at times because it holds a special place in my heart! Today I'm here to uh, advertise.
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:: Blonde hair, black lungs

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Guild Wars 2


So many teffers play this game that I thought it'd be nice to list the names and nicks. We have a Guild (on US) and Discord!

If you haven't played Guild Wars 2, here's their website. It's a mmorpg with a beautiful big world to explore. The base game is free and enjoyable as it is!

Lemme know your usernames and regions and I'll add you to the list.


Avarice - Jackyderp.2310
Silverfang - silverfang.1986
Veedeer - Vee.7469
11dollarbills - eleven dollar bills.3851
Sleepything - Tautou.3842
Mahj - Mahjling.6458
Fincayra - Fincayra.2074
Freyja - Pirate arr.2537
millipede - Sino.2671
Ammy - Windalope.7593
HoneyDiva - Frozensleep.7190
Luksus - Luksus.3608
Parrotsnpineapple - Kytte.4012
Pandoras - Pandonation.7201
ratt - ratt.1963
LilyBlue - LilKiwi.6438
bloodygoddess - Shakra.6079
Senecxys - Senecxys.9437
LooksForDoves - Rain.9436
wake - Wake.3042
HB - HBs.6931
C!ssy - adelheid.9483
Mauvable - Mauvable.1648
Hautakumpu - Jestersoula.2598
FoxOfTheStars - Krovtymah.5163
Clare - mothtails.4280
riddledrhyme - RiddledRhyme.3642
Shenere - rossy.1954
Poppyflower - Rhye.8360
Shey - snarpo.6847
0baf0 - CrimsonPoppy.8519
ShrinkingRose - TheMelodyOfWisteria.1472
Phelidae - Archway.8032
Starling - Glow.1879
AceAshling - Hootin Owl.2437
Spirituelle - Spirituelle.4389
Jayternator - Jay.3174
Nopje - Noukie.8961
Unplugged - artsja.7284
Resting - Deertaur.2948

Archangelus - Baltheon.9642
Tuhka - Routti.4953
Chizzu - Chizzu.5314

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:: Runaway prince

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#7 [image heavy]

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#6 [image heavy]

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:: World Weary

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infarct? [all's good]

Felt pressure in head and lost feeling from boht legs for a moment, then left arm and possibly a little from mouth too. Weak limbs, better now. 22 years ol, a I dying? 3.28 am here, should call emrbency if need to. Do you know?
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Livestriimu? [OFFLINE]

Permanent warning for possibly nasty music and sudden realistic shrek renders. Also my stream looks like volleyball match because I flip the canvas so much, so if you get sea sick, I'm sorry.
- Not on!


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Dumpster III

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